Dance Dance AR

Yogesh Chhawasaria
DANCE DANCE AR is one of the most interesting, fun and useful augmented reality dance learning app you will ever try. It…
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DANCE DANCE AR is one of the most interesting, fun and useful augmented reality dance learning app you will ever try. It contains more than 120 dance steps that you can learn together with the lovely set of animations and visual instructions. Learn Dancing by learning the basic dance steps. Over 120+ dance steps in your pocket. This app contains easy, funky, funny dance moves which are fun to carry out. Dance moves range from simple to some complex ones. Watch the characters dance to 120+ moves and pick your favorites and shake a leg with them. Don't be a wallflower anymore, learn to dance now with this app. With the different music genres, models, moves and ability to rotate the models 360 degrees, Zoom In/Out, Dance Dance AR is one of the most useful and impressive dance steps and dance lessons apps you will ever use! DIFFERENT MUSIC GENRES There are multiple music genres that require different dance steps. It divides the dance steps and moves by genres: Hiphop, House, Jazz, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Rumba, BreakDance, Samba. MODELS DANCING There will be various models on screen dancing to various dance steps. Users can learn simple steps by watching them dance. Users can also rotate the models in 360 degrees to fully see the dance moves. The dance movement in that way will be easily learned. From easy dance moves, to dance lessons that will be complicated to learn, we included great content for anyone’s taste and abilities. DANCE DANCE AR : LEARN 100+ DANCE STEPS FEATURES: - Augmented Reality Dancers - Learn to dance with real 3D models - Models on screen dancing - More than 120 dance moves - list of dance moves divided by music genres - best dance moves in each music genre - variety of dance moves included, from easy dance moves to dance moves that are hard to learn - ability to unlock more gorgeous models by purchasing - Different music dance tracks are included. - Rotate the models 360 degrees to get clear idea of how the moves are performed ******************************************************************* Visually appealing and ultimately-useful Fun and exciting Fully-featured app to learn various dance moves Get it FREE!
Seller:Yogesh Chhawasaria
Genre:Music, Simulation
Release:Jan 05, 2018
Updated:Jan 15, 2018
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