D-Day 1597

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    the greatest battle in the history has just begun!
    The world's best mobile sea battle game is now.

    Characteristics of ‘d-day 1597'

    1. Best mobile marine battle game of 2015 with 16th century oriental background
    2. Easy touch manual: The game can be enjoyed with simple touches of left/right of the ship.
    3. Game method
    a. Stage mode: “pirates have invaded. Go sail and save the nation."
    stronger pritates are coming. What is my limit?
    B. Battle mode: "to the general who wins the battle among generals, i will name you as the marine admiral to fight off the pirates."
    compare my battle ability with other users! How is my skill?
    4. Fun of the game
    a. Exciting feel of hitting: ‘d-day 1597’ has exciting feel of hand by sinking pirates who are swarming in like tsunami.
    B. Strategic components within casual games: Each different pirate ships attacks and different fire power and strategies of my teams according to enemy's attack pattern are needed for each stage. Battle takes account of marine climate conditions that were difficult to express on previous games.

    Great battles of generals who will be the legends, 500 year later are in your hands!!!

    Right now, sail!

    Take on this deliciously game alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

    This is still just the beginning – the endless fun will continue.

    Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polycube.st200[/quote]






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