Cyber Rebellion

Go to the Otherworld... Go and defeat the Invaders! The destroyer [Apocalypse] has fully intruded the real world, and th…
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Go to the Otherworld... Go and defeat the Invaders! The destroyer [Apocalypse] has fully intruded the real world, and the "α virus" has gradually eroded our space... Inspectors! Warriors! Please resist the enemy and protect our Skyfall City together! Your mighty will never back down! Game Features: Cyber Rebellion, a cyberpunk-style strategic Hero Collection game, brings top visual aesthetics and original gameplay to satisfy your cyber fantasy! 【Cyberpunk Doomsday Background Setting】 In 2177, human civilization enters the Cyber Era. The destroyer [Apocalypse] releases α viruses to erode the order space. The Skyfall City becomes the last sanctuary, where you work with the Warriors and other Inspectors to resist the attacks from the Invaders and guard the last homeland of humankind. As the commander of Skyfall City, are you ready to fight? 【Abundant Challenging Combat Modes】 You will fight the villain [Apocalypse] in the overlapping space of the battlefront by rebuilding the area, defending the homeland, raiding the supply, and even face-to-face challenging the world Boss! Immersive cyber combat experience, starts right now! 【SS Warrior Character Collection】 Refactoring – Collect talented warriors! Hundreds of futuristic sci-fi cyber-style weapons plus unique warrior skills can bring you the battle shows that you can never imagine. Breathtaking visual showcase and groundbreaking weapon skills await you to collect! 【Original Character Upgrade System】 Inspectors can customize transformation strategy of each warrior: Advancement, Prosthetic Transplant, Spiritual reform, Skill Improvement... Build your strongest warriors team in a variety of ways! 【Strategic Combination and Battle】 Outsmart your opponents! Personalize your ultimate squad combination: Adjust the team formation, make the decision wisely in every turn, refactor to get new warriors... Come and invent your best combinations! 【Fancy Gamer Community Events】 Embark on your Skyfall City Journey, meet your friends on the battlefield, compete and co-op with Inspectors from worldwide and most importantly, remember to claim the rewards everyday to make your adventure much easier!
Genre:Card, Role Playing
Release:Nov 10, 2023
Updated:Nov 24, 2023
Size:2.9 GB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal