Cyber Gargoyle – The Fettered Mind

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    Hi everyone,

    thank you for your support for Cyber Gargoyle, it means a lot to us.

    The app was taken down today. It was a tough decision, but some bugs that were solved in the last days before release caused some new ones, which were not noticed at that time. Nothing big the player can still finish the game, but it is not how we like to release games. Although the controls work as they should, there is sometimes an issue if two buttons are pressed at ones, the avatar behaves differently than expected, nothing big again as not pressing a button re-sets everything to normal. Further, the controls will be also improved in the way that it will give the player a more dynamic feeling and the flame-button will be repositioned to bottom-right as suggested by Solarclipse - thanks.

    To rush an update now, in the last week before Christmas, could lead to new bugs. So, the game will get more time to get polished as it deserves it. Thank you everyone for your understanding and hopefully you will get soon a great Metroidvania game with no bugs, polished controls, and better animations.

    Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

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