Cutlass Cove contest - win a new iPad and other prizes!

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    Edit: This contest is now over. Congrats to our winners:

    1st Prize: Daver16
    2nd Prize: Rokrdude
    3rd Prize: bem69

    And thanks to everyone who entered! :)

    And of course the final 'Rogues of the Sea' high score list:



    Cutlass Cove 'Rogues of the Sea' Contest

    To celebrate the launch of Cutlass Cove for iPhone, iPod and iPad, Cheeky Mammoth is proud to announce the ‘Rogues of the Sea’ competition. Players will have a chance to show their stuff and compete for great prizes and all important braggin’ rights.


    The Prizes

    1st Prize
    The new iPad (Wi-Fi 4G 32GB) with pirate-themed case

    You'll need a score of 2,500,000 or more to be entered into the random draw for the 1st prize.

    2nd Prize
    The Black Pearl - LEGO pirate ship

    You'll need a score of 1,500,000 or more to be entered into the random draw for the 2nd prize.

    3rd Prize
    Pirate-themed pocket watch and chain fob

    You'll need a score of 500,000 or more to be entered into the random draw for the 3rd prize.
    (This prize may have its shipment slightly delayed depending on supply)

    By achieving the score cut-off for any prize, you are automatically in the draw for all other prizes with a lesser score cut-off. You may submit as many scores as you like, but only your best score will be included in the random draw for prizes.

    You can double your chances in the random draw by rating Cutlass Cove or Cutlass Cove Lite in the App Store and writing a review. This means, for example, if you submit a score of 2,500,000 or more, you will have entered the random draw for all prizes, but, if you also rate and review the game on the App Store, you will be awarded an additional duplicate entry in the random draw for all prizes. This duplicate or bonus entry effectively doubles your chances of winning a prize.

    How to Enter

    1. Firstly, get your hands on a copy of either the full or lite version of Cutlass Cove. Cutlass Cove is a universal app and is available on the App Store. Due to the much higher ranks and extra abilities attainable in the full version, it will be substantially easier to meet the score requirements by using the full version.
    2. Achieve a score of at least 500,000 and post it here!

    If you like, use the "Tweet it!" button at the end of your turn to tweet your score and link to the Twitter pic in this thread so we can all see your score in full color (this is not a requirement of entry). Here's an example tweet pic:


    There'd be no point in submitting a fake score because all prize winners will be required to verify their score via Game Center or OpenFeint anyway.

    Note: You should be logged into either Game Center or OpenFeint while playing Cutlass Cove in order for your score entry to be verifiable and hence eligible for the prize draw.

    Braggin' Rights

    Aside from the great prizes up for grabs, there’s also the chance to permanently ink your name on the Cutlass Cove ‘Rogues of the Sea’ high score list! The 5 best scores entered into the contest will be featured on the Cheeky Mammoth website for all time. Time to rank up and fine tune your aim, mateys!


    Entries close at 23:59 (Pacific Standard Time) on 30th April, 2012.

    View the 'Rogues of the Sea' contest terms and conditions here.


    Here's the Cutlass Cove release trailer in case you're deciding whether or not the 'Rogues of the Sea' contest is something you might like to enter:

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    Example contest entry post. Begin your post with the following:

    Score: 1,560,000
    Rated and reviewed on US App Store as johndoe1985 (any country's App Store is fine).

    Then add any other comments as usual.

    This would give the entrant two entries in the random draw for both the 2nd and 3rd prizes, but not the 1st prize. If the same forum user was to post later in this thread with a score of 2,500,000 or more, this new post would override their initial entry and they would then have two entries in the random draw for all prizes.
  3. CheekyMammoth

    CheekyMammoth Well-Known Member

    And of course, best of luck to everybody! The entrance scores are challenging, but very achievable.
  4. dreadnok

    dreadnok Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum I'm ou
    Arrrrr me thinks me likes this contest
  5. iANiMeX

    iANiMeX Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    Arrrrr! I am in!
  6. armoko

    armoko Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2011
    Awesome contest! Is it worldwide right?
  7. CheekyMammoth

    CheekyMammoth Well-Known Member

    It certainly is! Welcome aboard.
  8. sleb

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    Feb 7, 2010
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    Scored 618,660 now up to 682,995
    Reviewed on ITunes as Sleb22
    Reviewed in other thread here on TA. I have to say I love the game more each time I play.
  9. armoko

    armoko Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2011
  10. CheekyMammoth

    CheekyMammoth Well-Known Member

    Nice one, Sleb! That's not a bad score at all for someone who just bought it and is still ranking up.

    Do me a favor and knock Critical Dean off the number one spot - he's the game's artist ;-)
  11. Daver16

    Daver16 Well-Known Member

    Sep 17, 2011
    I'll work on knocking Critical Dean off the number one spot! Darn achieve a score of 500k with no ricochets is kicking my butt haha. Is it okay if I review it in the German itunes store?
  12. Zylch

    Zylch Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2011
    question as to what the powder keg ships are?
    I don't seem to have been able to hit any
  13. CheekyMammoth

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    @Daver16 Don't forget you can still use spells and munitions for that one! And yes, the German itunes store is perfectly fine.

    @Zylch If you're referring to the objective that asks you to sink 3 ships with a powder keg deployment, all you need to do is lay down some Powder Kegs from your Voodoo wheel and blow some ships up with them.

    There's another objective in the Lite version asking you to sink the Silver Train with a powder keg deployment. The Silver Train is a group of 3 ships that leave the Spanish town. They only leave the town once per day at most, so keep an eye out for them. You'll need to make sure you lay your Powder Keg trap in their path.

    Be sure to check out the "Info" menu button for more in-depth game tips than the short tutorial provides.
  14. Zylch

    Zylch Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2011
    oh I see thanks
    just a bit confusing xD
  15. CheekyMammoth

    CheekyMammoth Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, some folks are achieving some pretty nice scores on Game Center and OpenFeint! Don't hesitate to post your scores while ranking up - others might be interested in comparing how well they're doing at similar ranks.

    And if you're having trouble completing any objectives, I bet some folks here will have good strategies for beating the more challenging ones.
  16. armoko

    armoko Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2011
    I'm writing a review and then I'll post my score and review :)
  17. armoko

    armoko Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2011
    Score: 1,832,400
    Rated and reviewed on US App Store as Arutyun Mokoyan

    Reviewed Lite and Paid versions
    Here is my review
  18. CheekyMammoth

    CheekyMammoth Well-Known Member

    I'm going to have to frame that review and post it on the wall! We're just elated at your response, Armoko.

    And that's the second best score of all time so far! I know Critical Dean is ahead, but he's not allowed in the contest because he works for us ;-) I'm pretty confident that you'll qualify for the 1st prize draw before long.

  19. popblanks

    popblanks Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2011
    2 questions...
    1. I'm 13, so can I do the contest?
    2. If i get a score offline, will that show up on gamecenter?
  20. CheekyMammoth

    CheekyMammoth Well-Known Member

    1. Yes, you're welcome to enter the contest!

    2. Sorry if this gets a bit technical, but I need to do so to explain it. If you're logged into OpenFeint, but you're offline, it will submit the score soon after you next get online. If you're just using Game Center and aren't logged in, then next time you go online and log into Game Center, the game will try to submit the offline score for you as long as it passes security checks.

    If for some reason you happen to fall into a rare edge case where the game can't find a valid Game Center ID to submit for, then it's possible your score won't be submitted. However, in this case, if you're good enough to get that score, you'll likely be good enough to get it again (or close to it), and that should qualify you for whatever prize draw you're aiming for.

    Remember, it's not the best score that wins - you just need to reach the score cut-off to qualify to enter the random prize draw. Inking your name on the 'Rogues of the Sea' high score list, however, is the 5 highest scores.

    Please let me know if anything about that is unclear.

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