Universal Cute Space Bosses Indie Game

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    From Add Inspiration, I (@TRoininen) have been part of this fun ‪#‎gamedev‬ project, soon to be released to ‪#‎iOS‬.
    - Tampere (Finland) + Jyväskylä (Finland) Indie collaboration, shoelace budget indie Game project.

    Cute Space Bosses - Official gameplay trailer 2015


    Would love to hear you comments!

    Please follow project on twitter @CuteSpaceBosses and share the love!
    - Thanks!
  2. release in the End of MAY 2015! Now everyone in their 30’s & 40's can show to their k


    My name is Tuomas, founder of Add Inspiration and our team consisting 5 people altogether. This game were made by two men in the team:

    Tuomas Roininen
    Artist, Producer

    Heikki Leppänen
    Programmer, Game Designer

    We are small team of eager “Finnish indie freshmen” to the indie game scene. We are just releasing in our first iOS platform indie mobile game called "Cute Space Bosses” at the end of May 2015 and then at June in Japan to iPhone and iPad. Game is free to download, retro like, simple, and addictive. It has no in-app purchases but it has Unity video ads.

    This is our second game to release. Our first game called Goldfish in the Sewer was done to Windows Phone and it got good feedback about its new fresh ideas to racing games genre. Here is link to game: http://tinyurl.com/Goldfish-us-WP-store


    Cute Space Bosses is fun and easy to learn one player Space Game for ALL AGES!
    The rules of the game are simple: to succeed, you need to defeat your opponents on your mission! You control your glorious Spaceship by touching the screen!

    Cute Space Bosses features:
    • Challenging SINGLE PLAYER Game
    • Easy to learn CONTROLS
    • Super fun GAME for all ages, everything is so CUTE!
    • Simple but ADDICTIVE gameplay
    • Lots of LEVELS
    • Get money by DEFEATING Cute Bosses!
    • UPGRADE your glorious ship while playing!

    Cute Space Bosses is made to give you the warm fuzzy feeling like you did have as a kid when, playing the space games back in the day. Now everyone in their 30’s can show to their kids, how were the games back in the good old days.


    The player is controlling the glorious spaceship by touch controls and main task is to defeat all cute space bosses with automatic lock-on target blaster gun and complete different missions.

    The player gets in game currency by defeating bosses and shooting asteroids. With in game currency the player can buy better blaster guns and shield energy for the ship. Player needs to avoid bosses blaster guns with touch controls and complete missions.

    Release Date: End of May 2015
    Price: FREE
    Platform: iOS

    Available to download free from Apple App Store in the end of May 2015 everywhere except Japan.
    Japanese Edition shall be released in Japan at begin of June 2015.

    Media Assets
    Please take a look at our company press kit:

    Please take a look at Cute Space Bosses press kit:

    There are relevant pictures and YouTube video about the game. In case you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'm also open for an interview. We will provide TestFlight version of the game before launch, please let us know the TestFlight user details.

    Please fill your TestFlight details to this form:

    Best regards,
    Tuomas Roininen
    Add Inspiration

    Email: tuomas@addinspiration.com
    Homepage: http://www.addinspiration.com
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/add-inspiration
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AddInspiration
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AddInspiration
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AddInspiration
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CuteSpaceBosses
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    Looks pretty fun

    Looks like a fun game, reminds me of Malestrom on the Mac. Graphic are a bit crappy, but gameplay looks fun.
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    Aug 8, 2014
    Gameplay reminds me of Time Pilot (Konami 1982). I loved playing it! Here judging from the trailer alone, I would suggest to add several layers to the background to get some more depth. Also the whole dynamics look strange, e.g., the movement of the enemies w.r.t. the player. Well, the best test would be playing it after all. :) I'll give it a try when it is released.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys!

    We think that we have hit the rigth Retro feeling spot here. These gamed you mentioned are classics. We wanted to have pretty basic graphics just for this cause, but still give bit of modern "Lego" toy feeling to it.

    Soon it is released and we would be honoured if you guys would give it a try then.

  6. キュート・スペース・ボス Cute Space Bosses coming to iOS in the End of June 2015 at Japan!

    事前予約受付中の新作ゲーム【キューボス】 https://yoyaku-top10.jp/u/a/MTIzODY From user @yoyakutop10 #gamedev #indie #Finland @CuteSpaceBosses #japanese #edition soon!

    Pre-register site is already open in Japan, just sign in!

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