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    Mars on a Stick is proud to announce its first title, ‘Cute, Evil & Strange.’

    Cute, Evil & Strange is a casual, social battle title coming to mobile platforms that allows you to challenge friends and other players around the world in a cartoon-style duel of wits!
    Adopt and customise crazy creatures and pit them against other players in order to win prizes and advance up the rankings!

    Who will reign supreme? Cute, Evil or Strange?

    • Unique cartoon visuals!
    • Social based battle game! Send challenges and messages to friends and players around the world!
    • An array of crazy creatures and accessories to acquire and show off to other players!
    • Simple pickup and play mechanics – perfect for on the move!
    • Beat opponents to win prizes and move up the rankings!

    View the announcement http://youtu.be/HlPFiCk7pHc

    Gameplay trailer coming soon!

    Logon at: www.MarsonaStick.com
    Follow us at:www.twitter.com/MarsOnAStick
    Or visit: http://www.facebook.com/marsonastick
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    what an amazing teaser trailer
  3. Thanks magicfreak!

    Looking forward to sharing the gameplay trailer soon and releasing the game!
  4. We'd like to share our first ingame footage of the title!

    View the announcement http://youtu.be/GMLBi3pqGUg

    Lookout for it soon on an app store near you!

    If you'd like to get in early, we're planning on an early open iOS test over the next couple of weeks - feel free to send us a message and we'll add you to the list!
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    Jul 2, 2014
    Research /GamingSoon @AppAdvice.com
    release date?
  6. The title has just gone live in the NZ store. We'll be looking to push out globally first thing in the new year!
  7. It's official! After splatting hundreds of virtual clowns, birds and 2 legged green things, we are set to go live on the 29th!

    This Thursday!

    Get Ready to Play!


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