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    Jul 16, 2009
    Hey everyone, it's Bill from Zombies and Robots. My friend and I are currently students and submitted a fun app to the iTunes store. I hope you enjoy it and would appreciate any feedback. We are looking to continue developing iPod Touch/ iPhone applications. We just released the new update with iPod Touch 2.x compatibility.

    screen1.png screen4.png screen2.png screen3.png
    - 20 images of cute animals

    - Over 80 images, including most of the cutest animals!
    - No ads!
    Promo Codes for Full:

    Let us know what you think about the App in an iTunes review and I can send you a code for the Full Version. Either PM or email with your iTunes ID- I'll send out codes until I run out.
    Please post if you decide to take a code. Thanks.
    Video available at
    Animals are *ridiculously* cute!

    Anyone with a pet dog or cat knows that. Well... what if kittens could spew clouds of smoke and flames? What if puppies could spit fireballs of burning death? We did an experiment to find out just how cute it would be. We're sure you'll agree—the result is horribly, unbearably ADORABLE!

    Simply slide your finger across the screen—left to go forward and right to go back. Cycle through the precious pictures of crazy critters in cunning poses. When you find your favorite photo, tap the screen once and laugh your heart out as super-realistic smoke and fire pour from its mouth. Entertain your friends! Show the whole workplace! These cutesy wutesy bunnies and duckies are sure to melt any lady's heart with their fiery antics. And the guys will get a kick out of it. It's hilarious!

    Cute Animals Breathing Fire lets you control realistic flames from some of the cutest animals ever. Control the intensity and even the color of the fire as you flip through over 80 “aww-inspiring” images of adorable creatures. Nature's most lovable animals are ready to incinerate your iPhone!

    - Utterly adorable animals with sweet expressions and silly poses
    - Animated fire and smoke effects that demonstrate the full potential of the iPhone's graphics hardware
    - Crackling sound effects with a mute option for silent fire
    - Option to change the intensity of the flame from a thin jet to a thundering firestorm
    - Option to change the color of the fire: green, blue, purple, yellow—even white and rainbow!
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    lol awesome.

    Doesn't seem like my type of game, so I'll leave the codes to somebody else.

    Edit: Don't know why I said game, make that app.
  3. sundance kid

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    Mar 15, 2009
    ha got a code for this when it was first released, not really a game but i think its a funny little app. i always send pictures of different animals breathing fire to people i know.its a wtf kinda thing to send people :) funny stuff
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    Left a review and emailed. Thanks

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