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    Mar 17, 2020
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    Hey guys! We have released a new cute and funny game called Rival Striker in Google Play Store!

    By controlling your shooting angle and strength with a slingshot action, you can fight against other real players in the internet! A real action + strategy + skill game!

    Google Play Download URL:

    To have a glance for the game, click below for the intro video:

    To celebrate the new release, we would like to give you a special coupon!

    You can redeem for 200 gems, 1000 coins and many cards, especially the Ninja Card! The coupon code is ef8d9c58

    The coupon will be expired in April 1, so please be hurry and let’s have a fun time together!

    1. After download and start the app, you can see this loading page

    2. After finishing the short but fun tutorial, you will see the main page, then click the settings button at the bottom left side.

    3. In the settings page, click the ‘Coupon’ button

    4. Type ef8d9c58 in the text box and then click ‘OK’ button the get the gift!

    5. Here it goes!!!

    6. Coooool !!! It should be the Ninja?!!?

    7. Yeah It is the Ninja Card!!
    11_ninja.jpg 12_allgifts.jpg

    Have fun!!


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