Cursed Labyrinth -Hack & Slash

You have lost in the cursed area. There's no sunrises, darkened plain, black forest, and the labyrinth where you cannot …
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You have lost in the cursed area. There's no sunrises, darkened plain, black forest, and the labyrinth where you cannot see the end. Master using the spelled cards, and awake to be the unbeatable sorcerer. Defeat the dungeon master in the cursed labyrinth to break the spell.  Incomparable deck building new type hack & slash card battle game is born! ■New Type Hack & Slash Card Battle with Curse Magic Totally new! You will use the spelled card to defeat the enemy. Defend attacks from the enemy by spelled cards and use the card combine system to enhance your cards. Fully use the strategy to be survived in the cursed dungeon! ■Simple to play What you have to do is so simple!  "Choose the card and start the battle!"  That's it. You can see all cards you have on the screen, and play cards as much as you like from your hand. With the cursed magic, you can enhance, weaken, or destroy the effect of the cards. Note that you may die instantly if you choose wrong moves. ■Create Your Own Strategy by Deck Building You will get the new card and money by defeating the creatures in the Cursed Labyrinth. You can purchase new cards by the money you have get and create your deck! Let's create your own strategy to battle with advantages.  ■Freely Grow Skill System and Release Job Skill You will be stronger by having multiple battles. Let's try more battles to use spelled cards and enlarge vitality to face against the strong enemy. You can enhance your curse magic by getting the job skills. It's totally up to you to grow your player! ■Dungeon with Unique Enemies Conquer the dungeon where cursed "Creatures" wandering around! The darkened plain with no sunrises, black forests that adventurers get lost, The fort with all kinds of creatures exist, the deadly infinite labyrinth with having the strongest curse. There's bunch of unique enemies waiting for you! ■Lastly I used to play You-Gi-Oh when I was a child.  After that, I have been into the deck building Rogue-like card game such as the Slay the Spire, or the hack & slash mobile games. "I want to create the hack & slash card battle game!" That's my ambition to create this card game. It will be great if you enjoy playing this game! I am very happy to get the comments and reviews from you, such as "Here is fun part!" or "It can be better if it goes ...".  Any comments are welcome and helpful to create the next game! In addition, I am administrating the web site for learning the game programing called "Unity Introductory Forest". You can find several types of game development tutorials besides the card battle game. If you are interested in developing games, please search your web browser with the url "" .  Hopefully, you will become the game creator too! ■About the creator -bako
Genre:Card, Role Playing
Release:Oct 09, 2022
Updated:Nov 20, 2022
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