Cucumber Fields - Turn Based Area Defense by Fredrik Johansson (Beta)

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  1. Cucumber Fields

    Jun 17, 2018

    I'm Fredrik, and I've worked with Cucumber Fields in the evenings for many years. It is a turn based game, and you can both play against an AI and against real players in a World League. I'm quite proud of the AI BTW, as some beta testers have played against it for 30 effective hours.

    Cucumber Fields is inspired by a game that we played at the schoolyard when I was a child. The rules are simple:
    • Build land to get area points,
    • try to cut your opponents land to get more area points, and
    • collect shining gold coins within your land, to get gold points.
    The attacking party throws a stick at the defenders land, and the defender protects his land with a bat. The defenders land is extended to the stick landing point if the stick lands outside the land, and the stick cuts the land if it lands inside. The first player to reach the target score in the upper right corner wins.

    Let me start by showing you a replay of a match where I play the AI at 93% skill. I've added some comments to the movie to give you a quick introduction to the rules and tactics of the game.

    I'm currently making movies for you, and the next movie will show you the game play.

    I've done everything except the music, and as I'm not a 2D artist the graphics might not be top notch, but don't be fooled. There's tons of game play in this game, and it's fun and 100% stable. I also want to point out that Cucumber Fields is not a remake of some old game idea. I've made everything myself, and any similarity with existing games is pure coincidence. What do you think? Any suggestions? I really appreciate any feedback!

    Please send me a PM with your email address if you want to become a beta tester.

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