Cubo Wild upcoming update (09-27-2010)

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    Sep 10, 2010
    We are fresh chicken – games creators Dixiapps. Here is our new work for you :
    Cubo Wild – puzzle / arcade game for iPhone. It’s 36MB and it’s capable with iPad. We plan to create a game collection with Cubo series.
    We liked the simple idea of building a tower. From given figures you have to build up a tower and reach the finish line as fast as you can.

    This game is unique because of it’s simplicity. For the first tries it won’t be easy to grab and rotate the figure, but after some tries it will be very easier. You have to put figures carefully because the tower can fall down. By putting figures as they are given from the line you will get combo bonuses (for example: 3 same figures = combo). If you will put figures in a wrong way you wont reach the finish line and you will have to find out what’s wrong with your tower.

    You can zoom in/out your screen by dragging two fingers.
    This game has it’s smart sides like figures have their own physics, the rock is heavy, the ice will slide, the gum, the wood is light.

    Another interesting detail – more difficult level you reach, the more stronger wind you will get and because of that it will more complicated to handle with your tower. You can control you tower from falling down because of the wind by tilting your device (accelerometer).
    Also there are wild creatures witch will try to steal your figures. Thank God you can scare them away.

    We are planning to release the update (27-09-2010) witch will consist achievements, new updated menu, more levels, normal mode will be more harder but not hard as the hard mode will be, more wild animals witch will be more intelligence. Improved tilting. There will be a function witch can enable your own device music playing. Connection to facebook and twitter.
    We advice to try the game on the hard mode because no one could finish it to the end.
    Your advices and critics are always welcome. We are thankful for your own opinions.
    Just a simple tip – we spend more than 4 months on creating this game. We hope you will pay attention and enjoy our creation.
    Respectfully Dixiapps group.!/pages/DixiApps/105966169457835?ref=tstwiter

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