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Once upon a time there lived a Hedgehog, a penguin, a lizard, a spider and a dracula. Everything…
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Once upon a time there lived a Hedgehog, a penguin, a lizard, a spider and a dracula. Everything was ok until a human began building on their territory. That was a huge mistake ! Animals decided to take an action showing their streght and power.
So you are builder vs angry animals and forces of nature. Who will win? Are you going to finish your construction or they will pull it down?
The game is very simple and easy – just drag the cubes and build the tower. But be careful - Shapes just fall down and time is ending. Because it‘s affected by realistic physics. Some shapes are heavy, some of them light - like a feather, some - slippery or elasctic like a gum.
So think smart how to put them – you can the bonuses: glue or rope.
Hang air balloons to reduce the weightings.
With tilting you can counterbalance the building position.
Reach the acheavements.
Check it out - how good you can be. Even the strongest are unable to pass through the hard mode. Check the speed of your fingers...

UPDATE RELEASE(new menu design, 14 achievements, smarter enemies, extra 1 stage + 27 levels)


Exclusive tutorial – how to play
To counterbalance the tower – use accelerometer
Special combo – three same shapes or materials
Enemies – scared away by touching
Zooming – will help to get the best view
Open Feint, Facebook and Twitter
2 different shape color themes in settings (green or wild)
5 different stages containing 12 levels to unlock
3 modes (easy / normal / hard)
14 achievements

iPhone and iPod touch; Ipad.
Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
36.1 MB

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Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Aug 19, 2010
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