iPad Cube first FPS for the iPhone is out!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by along123, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. along123

    along123 Well-Known Member

    So, guys. Cube, the first FPS for the iPhone is finally out after what seems like eternity waiting for Apple to approve it. Sooo, what do ya guys think about it?

    For me personally, I don't care about the button pad, strafing or whatever. The frame rate a little slow and the aiming need a little getting used to. But, hell. It's the first FPS and all I care is about the shooting (wish there's more weapons). In all, I'm just glad it's finally here on the iPhone.

    I also think that other developers can learn from it. I mean, learn from the game and improved on it. Agree?
  2. Hannes

    Hannes Member

    Oct 30, 2008

    I load it yet.
    And I would give my recession after playing ;)
  3. Hannes

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    Oct 30, 2008
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    So, I have playd it and from the first look I must say it's a good game. But the controls are not good... How I could jump?

    I give a longer recession when I have it testet ;)

    But hey, it's free!


    Edit: I didn't found a menu... With this controls I wouldn't play it often...
    Have it a multiplayer?

    Edit²: And a update is coming soon. I am glad to read this on touchArcade :)
  4. along123

    along123 Well-Known Member

    Well, you only have 4 buttons at all the 4 corner of the game. And, yeah, the control need a getting use to but I master it after playing for a while. The only problem for me is the frame rate. But, the dev are saying updates 1.2 are coming soon so let's hope the bugs are work out.

    I'm going to play it everyday.. he he!

    By the way, I think you have to adapt at playing an FPS on the iPhone. Just have to open your mind and not be tied up with the normal kind of FPS. I play 'normal' FPS (I'm playing GOW2, Fallout 3 and Far Cry!) on my xbox 360 so definitely it's a different control and play. But, I'm still okay playing cube on the iPhone no matter what!

    Now, the ball is in the other dev court!

    C'mon! We want more FPS on the iPhone!!


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