iPad Crystal War (ver.2.0) Promo event

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    Thanks for waiting
    Finally,The new "Crystal War" has now arrived!
    We know you guys have been waiting for a new version for too long.
    We are sorry for that, but this time you will really have a real fun.
    Make sure you are ready to enjoy.
    Coming soon!


    Also, we have PROMO EVENT, appreciating your interest in our game.
    Just put your comment on our Facebook(WALL ONLY) about what you think will be updated in the new version 2.0.
    Win promo code right now!
    20 people only!!!
    You can participate in this event until 8:00am/4/09/2010 (promo code will be sent at 7:00pm/5/09/2010).
    Thank You!

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