Universal Crystal Balls II - Match 3 Mania. (iOS & Android)

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    Jan 14, 2015
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    ingames.tv presents it’s new match 3 game, Crystal Balls II - Match 3 Mania.
    After having more than 3 million downloads in stores like blackberry and ovi store, Crystal Balls II will be coming to the App Store on 23rd July 2015

    Crystal Balls II offers a new concept for match 3 games, if you like playing matching games we recommend to give it a try!
    Matching three balls of the same color is the basis of the game, while matching four or more balls makes you earn bonus points.
    When you start the game you will see 2 balls moving from side to side, the goal is to make this balls lands on top of other balls, combining three or more balls of the same color makes the balls explode.
    You make the balls fall by tapping on the screen, but the moving balls can also drop if you do not tap on the screen before traveling two times from side to side.
    Every time you combine three or more balls you will see a progress on the right bar, you will complete the level when this bar fills.
    You can combine balls horizontally or vertically. You can also make a diagonal match, but in order to do this you must combine at least 4 balls.
    You lose the game when any row is filled with balls to the top.

    You can use special balls that will help you complete the levels.
    There are 5 different modes to play the game, each one offers a different challenge. From collecting balls of specific colors to have to break all the rocks in the screen. You will also have to bring down all the lollipops required where you will need to use all your brightness.
    To complete levels you will have to unlock blocked balls, destroy moving bricks and avoid fixed bricks.

    -5 Modes to play the game
    -More than 200 levels
    -Hours of Fun
    -A lot of Special Balls
    -Support for Ipad
    -GameCenter/Google Play Games Support
    -Easy controls (Single Tap)
    -Addictive, Fun and Challenging




    Crystal Balls II is a very good option to enjoy the time, is an easy game to play, with simple controls (1 tap) that lets you play the game almost anywhere and with one hand. :)
    It offers a lot of fun and is suitable for all ages!
    Hope you enjoy the game!
    Matias Ini

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