Universal Crypt of the NecroDancer Pocket Edition (by Brace Yourself Games)

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  1. We added a "tap to use" option so you can just touch the item/spell/etc directly on the screen to use it. Makes it quite easy when using the swipe method! Swipe to move, tap items to use them.
  2. Yes, we added a "tap to use" option that allows you to just tap the item/spell/etc that you want to use. You no longer have to do the two-direction combos (unless you want to!).
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    I just started playing this, and so far think it's great. I'm not usually into dungeon crawling rogue likes so much, but this one has something about it.

    However, call me crazy, but I'm not yet convinced that you need to absolutely be able to be a musical brilliance or beat brilliance to succeed or at least have a good time in this game as such. I'm finding that even if I turn the sound off, I just have to observe the patterns of movement of the enemies and move accordingly to that. Just don't be in the tile next to them the millisecond that they jump there or you'll get it. Moving enemies like this is not anything new in roguelikes or games in general. Plenty of games, particularly platformers require timing to hit the enemies, and that's the case here. Where you can get hurt without the music or bad timing is just if your timing is completely off, it will same "missed" and prevent you from making a move.

    Granted I am early on in this, but I just currently view the music and beat thing as an assistance in this game, where rather I am using visual prompts to make my moves.

    Also there is a beat indicator at the bottom, which is another visual indicicator. Not easy to work to but Yeh, there's as much visual prompts as there is a "beat" from the songs.

    Just for those that think because they can dance to sound that they will hold off on this one.

    EDIT: and there is always the option to play as the bard, requiring no beat at all.
  4. If you use the "Bard" character (unlocked by default in the "Character Select" staircase) you can play without music and move whenever you like :)
  5. Oh really?
    And the game is turn-based? Sounds a lot like Sproggiwoood, which I really liked. If that's the case, I may have to grab it.

    Anyone know if it has iCloud sync?
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    It does.
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    Ryan Clark, is there a way to delete saved replays? Haven't been able to find it and I occasionaly hit the record button by accident.

    I just noticed a minor issue with using spells while playing on edge controls. It's really easy to hit the spell when tapping the top right directional button. Would it be possible to move the spell icon to the left a bit?
  8. Yes, people compared Sproggiwood to NecroDancer a fair amount when Sproggiwood came out!
  9. Hm, there may not be a way to delete saved replays, no. We'll consider that when we make an update.

    Regarding the spells: You can disable the "tap to use" feature. Does that help?
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    I definitely prefer using the "tap" feature, but it becomes impossible to move right when having multiple spells. http://imgur.com/26kpTKS
  11. Great, thanks! :)
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    I have a 6plus and i cant read anything. I have good vision too. Is there a way to increase the @&@@ font size?????
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    So this game reminds me of Binding.... Except I want to play it like all the friggin time.

    I love binding even though I'm terrible at it. I think I'm even worse here. No, I'm almost certainly worse.

    But I don't care. I may never beat any level, but even for the bit of time I've played it, I feel I've gotten my money's worth, almost $8 in our northern Monopoly money.

    There's just something that sticks for me in this game. It's great to have it on my Apple TV for the controller support, icloud for save support and my phone for the times where I need a bathroom break and can end up wasting 30 minutes playing.

    I have a fairly difficult time getting the whole process figured out, primarily due to the whole patting the head and rubbing the tummy nature of the gameplay. But yet I keep coming back.

    It seems you can only use Apple Music from your phone, but it was really cool playing the game using your own song. I tested out formation, it was quite unique and while I couldn't concretely tell you if I was doing anything differently, or if the best made any real difference, but I felt more connected b

    I would desperately love any tips I might be missing. And I strongly urge people to check out Felicia Day and her brother on the Geek and Sundry channel play the game. It sold me on it along with the post on TA announcing its release.
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    Crypt of the NecroDancer Pocket Edition (By Brace Yourself Games)

    maybe an option to be able to change the position of the tappable buttons would help.

    I love the edge controls, after trying all they are my favorites. Sadly, though, I end up not using tap to use with them because of the same reason.

    Of course, if we don't tap to use or if we use another control scheme, the layout is just fine!

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    How are the controls using a mfi controller?
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    Yes the font size is oddly small on 6+. Can't imagine how small it is on other phones.
    +1 for an increase.
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    Played the hell out of this on Steam! Gonna have to double dip on this.

    Game absolutely blew my mind when I first played it, the graphics/animations are straight up AAA.

    I have been obsessed with rogue likes for years to the point that I had completely burnt myself out on them, but this one was like a breath of fresh air to the genre.

    Get on it now one and all.
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    Jun 28, 2015
    It's about learning the enemy movement patterns. Good start is to use the Bard character.
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    They seem good... Steel stratus here, had to work out a few buttons for ranged throws etc, but I'm happier on the mfi than onscreen :)
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    This. Its too small even on Ipad imo

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