Universal Crossy Car - Endless Traffic Crosser!

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    I am looking for beta testers for my game Crossy Car. Its a simple cross the road with your car game.

    Controls: Touch and hold to stop your car. Release to go.

    PM me with your email address if interested. Also looking for name suggestions...

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    The controls sound backwards - wouldn't it be more intuitive to touch the screen to accelerate. I'd be happy to beta test for you. Will PM.

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    I highly recommend a name change, between the art style and title you're just going to get dismissed as a cheap knock-off a lot like the Flappy games. ...Unless that's what you're going for, in which case rock on!
  4. I am not looking to make a cheap knock off. I didn't even make a flappy bird clone. My original name was "Tiny Crashy Car". Crossy Car is a working title. It will not feature in the app store.
  5. Cool! Sent you invite.

    I thought touching the screen to move would be too much work for the player. You would have to constantly keep a contact with the screen to move.

    If you are on a crowded bus or train it might be easier to touch the screen only when you need to rather than have a near constant contact with it.

    Also as your fuel runs out you are more conscious that touching the screen uses up fuel. This i think adds to the tension ( fun, i mean! ) :)

    But i maybe wrong, thats what beta testing is for.
  6. Based Xatu

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    No, he meant like how when people say the flappy bird clones, they dismissed them as knock offs. He wasn't saying you made one. Just that the name is going to make it seem like a knock off.
  7. GPS

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    Just a few quick thoughts for a name. "Road runner" ,"crazy crossing" , "crossing cruise".....
  8. Ah ok. my bad :) Yes, its a good point.
  9. I like Crazy Crossing. But i think i need car in the name for App Store searching.
  10. Still looking for more testers!!! Free donuts on offer ( virtual ones :) )
  11. Crossy Car is now Tiny Car. Seemed like a good name since the car is so small!

    Improved the UI in regards to not knowing which button resumes the game after a crash. Also the exit button is less like a power-down button.

    New help pages to explain the donut/damage/repair gameplay on their way. As is a better icon. One with a car, since the game is called Tiny Car!

    Thanks to all who signed up to beta test. Let me know if your interested in beta testing by PM.
  12. Quazonk

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    I have to suggest that you keep looking for a name. Tiny Car just sounds so flat to me. You need something catchy sounding, like Crazy Crossing as was already suggested. Or Crazy Crossroads, or Traffic Trouble, or even Intersection Insanity! (I can see myself going for the "same sound at the beginning of the word" motif here) :D
  13. DOH! This naming business is tricky! I like having "Tiny" in the name but i guess it doesn't describe what happens.

    Intersection Insanity! or Intersection Connection Insaneo! sound good.

    I think Traffic Crossing Panic! is a good name. I have actually already submitted a version for review so i wonder if they will let me change...
  14. newtquestgames

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    I wonder if acceleration and deceleration would work. The gamble of flying through at maximum speed when you really should have slowed down, and then getting through, and knowing that that could happen... Also faster cars, slower cars, earn faster engine etc...
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    This is funny (to me, at least) as the first thing I thought of when I saw the title was Donut Games' Traffic Rush, but this game is quite different.

    Searching for "Tiny Cars" on iTunes doesn't bring up and direct match except for the 'not missing anything' developer "INFECTIOUS APPS AMERICA FOR TINY DOODLE CARS WITH ANGRY HANGING NINJA FRIENDS LLC" :rolleyes:

    I think it's a decent name.

    For bonus points, have the buildings make music like Isle of Tune!

    I've seen companies change their apps' names. It's company name/info that can't be changed (several developers have had to create completely new versions of their apps to accommodate that.)

    EDIT#3 "Crazy Car Crossing" comes back with only 3 hits in the App store, would be a very easily searchable name.
  16. I see what you mean, it does sound like a nice mechanic. I think for this game i will stick to the abrupt stop because all the intersection car patterns are based on being able to do an abrupt stop.

    I have cars that have different fuel mileage and damage rate though.

    I think i will be making another more conventional car game with swerve and big crashes where the car goes into the air! Think "Endless Road" which was out a few years back. Or Paco. This game was just a simple version to get started.

  17. Wow! isle of Tunes looks awesome! Would love to make something like that one day. Retro fitting this game would not work though.

    Right! I think i will stick with "Tiny Cars - Endless Traffic Crosser" and see how that goes. As you say it doesn't bring up any direct matches.

    I only have 1 vote for and 1 vote against so i will use this to test my own theories on naming. I feel "Crazy Car Crossing" or something similar will be popular with other new car/traffic game so i want to differentiate.
  18. revolter

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    Feb 3, 2015
    What about Crisscross as a name?
  19. Another good name :) I went with Tiny Car but i will check my SEO to see if any of the names suggested are better.
  20. Tiny Car - Endless Traffic Crosser has been approved and should be on the App Store today or tomorrow.

    Thanks to all who beta tested. Some great suggestions including adding physics, jumping and pedestrians. Lots of UI and feedback tweaks coming in an update.

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