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    Hi guys

    Just to let you know that I have started selling some game source code at a very good price.

    If you are looking to get started with cross platform game development, look no further. The code is C++ with a thin layer of Obj C for the iOS version and it uses SFML for desktop versions. It builds for iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac.

    The code is neatly separated into app specific code and resusable code, so it is extremely easy to incorporated the framework into your own projects.
    It is highly optimised and works with OpenGLES 1, so it is very portable and works on most devices.

    The framework contains the following classes:

    • Texture Manager
    • Audio Manager
    • Input Manager
    • Scene Manager
    • Preference Manager
    • Bitmap Font Manager
    • Particle Manager
    • Tiled backgrounds (loads basic TMX files)
    • Sprites (with tilesheets)
    • Buttons and sliders
    • Maths stuff such as perlin noise, vectors and matrices

    Currently there are four game source code packages, with more to come. All the games are free on the app store and you can download a Windows executable for each of them to test them out.

    You can find the packages here:

    Please let me know if you find them useful or if there is anything specific you would like.

    Cheers :)

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