Crocs Hunter - metroidvania platformer for PC and Consoles

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    Stop the invasion of Crocosaurus and Raksasa bosses using magic of Genie and camel Callisto in new metroid for PC and Consoles.
    Crocs Hunter - is a metroidvania game with vibrant 3D characters, the mysterious and colorful world.

    You will discover a new exciting universe with many hidden levels and interesting tasks. Stop the invasion of a race of Crocosaurus and giant bosses Raksasa with the help of faithful friend, Callisto, magic of Genie and the entire Arsenal of abilities of the main character.
    The storyline unfolds on the way from different universes. The two worlds will collide and embrace new horizons of adventure.

    An alien ship of Crocosaurus crashed to the Ground, flying a few miles from the tent of our main character and his faithful mate. They hit the road, taking their last trophy - an old gold lamp. Seeing spaceship Kais touches the lamp and causes a powerful Genie, but even magic sometimes not able to surpass the alien weapons. Genie dies, but leaves behind magic rings that give magical power to their owner. Armed with magic and a loyal friend camel hero rushes in to stop a full scale invasion of a race of Crocosaurus on the Earth.

    Alien technology and ancient magic will clash in a duel, but only you can determine the further course of events!
    The main character Kais and his assistant camel Callisto will fight for our planet with space aliens in more than 80 levels.

    A huge map of the world will not let you get bored: From the desert to the dead city in the air there are lots of surprises and mysterious dungeons of other civilizations is full of pitfalls, from the slums to the luxurious Palace of the Sultan, and finally straight from the spaceport to the planet of the invaders Crocosaurus and the new mysterious worlds to save the universe. From whom? This you will find out going all the way to the end of the game!
    The passing of the levels is non-linear, which means that you will find a lot of secret rooms, in which you can return, at a convenient time for you.

    With each new level enemies will become more difficult and inventive. You have to develop a strategy to deal with them, because each of them has its own tactics.
    Crocs Hunter is available for buying on Kickstarter:

    Will be released for: Windows, Mac OS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

    We look forward to your support.
    With best wishes, PushinGames Team.


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