iPad Crickler 2: Daily Word Puzzle, Released for iPhone

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    Hello, I am the Marketing Director for PlayScreen. Crickler 2: Daily Word Puzzle was just released this week as a new update. So far the game has received a warm welcome and has generated a lot of downloads and in-app activity. Currently, the game is ranked as the number 1 Educational Game (Free). It was ranked as high as number 11 in Puzzle games and 40 in overall games. Of course, we hope to see these numbers climb :)

    Download link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crickler-daily-word-puzzle/id427784181?mt=8

    We're very interested in seeing what you guys think of the game. The first 10 users to download it, play it, and leave a 'mini' review will receive 10 free credits to be used in the game!


    Crickler 2: Daily Word Puzzle, the sequel to PlayScreen’s Crickler, is now live on the App Store! Crickler 2 includes new categories such as science, technology, geography, sports, and trivia—along with a vastly improved interface. In Crickler 2, clues and words sit side by side—and the challenge is “just right” thanks to adaptive difficulty based on real-time player performance. Not only does the game keep players entertained with fresh daily puzzles, but it allows everyone to keep up with current events through puzzles focusing on the news of the day.


    • Adaptive gameplay that automatically adjusts to a player’s skill level
    • Updated daily with new puzzles based on current events, geography, sports, trivia and more
    • Advanced multitasking: Players can take quick breaks and continue playing where they left off
    • Several puzzles can be solved at the same time, even if the player is not online
    • Players are provided with 30 free credits to start
    • Players can earn free credits just by playing
    • Players can sync credits between devices via iCloud
    • Hint system powered by WordBird helps players avoid frustration
    • Social media enabled via Facebook and Twitter
    • Support for GameCenter (high scores / achievements)






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