Creating a new app vs. updating an old app

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    Hi everyone,

    We're planning on making big improvements to our game app Yukon Warrior. We're debating whether or not to update the existing app or create a separate app.

    Here's the list of pros and cons so far for creating a new app.


    - Existing users won't have to go to the appstore to get the new game as their existing one will be updated
    - One app to maintain vs. 2


    - Won't be featured as a hot new game
    - No initial download spike from being a new app on the store
    - Loss of a potential source of revenue from old app

    Does anyone here have experience with this or advice to go either way? What would the game journalist's stance be? Would love to hear your thoughts, please share actual experience if you can! Thanks!
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    Another pro is you will keep your App Store rankings if you update the game rather than go to the bottom of the list with a new game. The odds of getting featured unless you are a large budget company is slim to none so that really shouldn't be a factor.
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    Time is another factor.
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    New is the way to go IF...

    If the app hasn't done very well then take it down, and take a serious look at it, improve where possible perhaps change the theme or something and relaunch.

    If the sales have been poor you will be hurting yourself by continuing in the long run, better to start fresh.

    Hope this helps
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    If you have analytics in your game (and you should) I would think your DAU would determine your answer. If you user base is significant it would probably be best to update (or offer IAPs). If not and has been stagnant for sometime it would probably be best to start fresh.
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