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This awesome App had been listed on the New and Noteworthy category!

You will be able to use your left and righ…
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This awesome App had been listed on the New and Noteworthy category!

You will be able to use your left and right brain at the same time and it will enhance your ability for multi-tasking.
If you clear the final stage, you can brush your teeth and style your hair at the same time!
Go ahead and test your multi-tasking your ability!

- Think outside a box of controlling one game character with a controller.
You have to control maximum of 4 game characters with different patterned controls all at the same time.

- Think outside a box that the games are only limited to a stage.
You can enjoy extra games on the screen outside the stage such as intro, menu, settings, stage select and practice. This is a kind of bonus that adds to your high scores for higher game rankings.

- Crazy Control is a game of multi-control. You need to control multiple characters of different colors using the blue and red controllers at the same time. The red controller eats the red attack character and the blue eats the blue.

- On the "two players" mode, two players can enjoy the game together by holding the ipad from both side

- From the Stage 5, a new orange character is introduced and you need to touch the orange attack character on the screen with your finger to eat it.

- On the Stage 17, a new green character comes out and you will use the accelerometer on your iphone to control the character and eat the green attack character.

- As the stage goes up, the speed gets faster, more attack characters appear, and the moving patterns of the attack characters diversify.

- The help items that help the character will be a lot of help for your controls.

- On the intro, menu, settings, stage select and practice screen, the mini attack characters appears one after another. Control the mini green characters with an accelerometer and eat the mini attack characters. It will increase your high score by one point.

Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Aug 29, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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