Universal Crazy Opposites Free (By Miranda Dumas)

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    Oct 19, 2014
    Hey everyone! I thought I might share this amazing app I came across!:

    "A challenging twisting brain teaser, that will have you puzzling and thinking for some time."

    What is the opposite of scrambled eggs?
    What is the opposite of a monkey?
    What is the opposite of a priest?

    Your fun mission: to cross to the opposite river bank by jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone. Don’t run out of lives before you get across!

    There are no right or wrong answers. Try to match the most common answers to jump to the next stepping stone. Each time your answer matches one of the most common answers . . . you leap ahead.

    ***Guaranteed to lead to many friendly debates. Ask your friends how they would answer – what is the opposite of a hero? See if you answer the same - but don't get into too many unwinnable arguments!

    Crazy Opposites is one of the most sociable apps ever. ***A great conversation game.

    Riddle like clues. . . You get 10 free clues with your first download. After that, fun clues are available for selected questions as an iAP. Sample Question: What is the opposite of a cartoon Sample Clue: “Say Cheese”. See if you can work it out!"


    iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/crazy-opposites-free/id696570952?mt=8

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