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    Apr 2, 2015
    Crate Commando
    by: Smug Hippo Studios


    *In the works*

    Play anytime anywhere! Easy to learn, easy to play, and kills time in just about any situation. Whether you are stuck at a boring work meeting or waiting hours at the doctors, Crate Commando has you covered.

    Kill or be killed and always use the crates to survive.

    Three past, present, and future themed levels. Each delivering a different experience with matching weapons, character attire, and enemy to battle.

    18 Different Weapons:
    Each weapon more different than the last. Sticks and stones to plasma cannons, this game covers them all. Every weapon dealing a different amount of damage, it is up to you on how to use them.

    How to Play:

    Kill as many enemies in a row before dying. Use the supplies that are contained in the crates that are dropped to aid you in killing what every enemy you are battling.

    Every 5 kills a weapon crate is dropped

    Every 8 kills a armor crate is dropped

    Every 13 kills a health crate is dropped

    Please contact me with a suggestions/improvements, problems or general questions at the developer website or on here



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