iPad Craneballs launching Overkill update 2.2 Survival Mode

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by craneballs, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Fight for your life!
    If you´ve ever thought you could never spend all the ammo you had in hand, then you´ve been mistaken. New update brings you yet another challenge. The target to achieve is quite simple.
    STAY ALIVE! Old war veterans would surely tell you that shooting enemies is not the hardest part of the action. It´s all about good tactic.
    Craneballs comes out with a new blood soaked survival mode where you never get short of enemies to eradicate. To help you survive these gates of hell you get bonus packages to shoot like top aiming, double damage and more goodies.
    To top it up, there is a slightly redesigned menu, recommended gun for each level to have more fun and we also added your Friend´s score to see who the top scorer is for those who simply loves challenges.
    So download now and fight till your last heart beat.


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