CRAFTEROK™ Lords of Survival 2

Valerii Martynov
Welcome back to Harmony Island! Remember that classic pocket survival game? Well, it's back and better than ever with th…
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Welcome back to Harmony Island! Remember that classic pocket survival game? Well, it's back and better than ever with the 2024 remaster! Get ready for an exciting top-down anime-style island survival game with a vast world and powerful character abilities! Choose to play as a boy or girl with different skins and start surviving on Harmony Island. Build your own house and decorate your garden. Build a campfire to stay warm at night, or you'll freeze! What about building your dream house on your favorite island... or all the islands at once!? Yes, yes! This pocket survival game has all the elements of crafting and building your own home! But the most unique feature of this pocket survival game is the ability to control the elements and change the weather! Use your superpowers to unlock all the secrets of the flying islands - the ark of past civilizations! Survive on wild islands full of mysteries and adventures! Find hidden paths to secret islands using your ingenuity! ! Anime-style offline RPG game. Top-down RPG action with item crafting and home building. The planet of this world consists of dozens of mysterious islands! And where there are mysteries, there are answers! How to play? Accept the challenge, Hero! You will have to defend yourself from wild animal attacks at night, so it's best to prepare during the day! Become a fearsome hunter by crafting the most powerful sword or ax as your weapon! Use magic to change the weather on the islands and take advantage of various bonuses! Change the weather like a god! Offline mode available! Play without internet! xD Build your own beautiful house for shelter! Explore different islands full of secrets, mysteries and dangers! You will have access to: water, desert, ice and Harmony Island! Craft different things, collect and mine resources! Use different character skins! Coming soon in future updates: Dragon Island guarding the mountains of gold! Skeleton Island, a temporary adventure zone for the bravest warriors! Ragnarok Island! Explosive volcanoes are unpredictable! Build carefully here! Collect lava with a pickaxe! ;) Portals - the best and seemingly safe way to travel! Mounts and pets - a luxurious way to travel with a beautiful view from the saddle! And pets! Tame an animal and it will live with you! New decorative objects in buildings to decorate your home and décor! When was the last time you played a survival game that gave you serious old-school vibes? hah? What more could an adventure lover ask for on their mobile phone? Write in the comments and leave your feedback! Play now for free and no ASD ;)
Seller:Valerii Martynov
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Sep 04, 2017
Updated:May 22, 2024
Size:180.8 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal