Craft a Spaceship and win a $15 iTunes Gift Card

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    Create your Spaceship and win a $15 iTunes Gift Card

    Hey everyone!

    Here is a new contest for players of The Sandbox, offering a chance to win one $15 US iTunes Gift Cards!

    Play God & Create Worlds with Life or Destroy everything within a tap of your finger!
    The Sandbox offers to manipulate is over 200+ physics elements presented in 2D pixel blocks that can interact with each others. Players can achieve over 18 campaigns of 300 puzzle levels or craft on their own amazing worlds, create pixel art, chain reactions, mini-games, chiptune music, advanced contraptions, electric circuits or just play with physics.

    After 12M downloads on Mobile, players already created 1 Million worlds in pixels, which you can browse via the game, in our Online Gallery or our YouTube Channel

    The deadline for participation is Wednesday, February 14th 2015 at 11:59 PST.

    The #Video #Contest of the Week is here!

    Create a Spaceship : make a world with #Spaceship and add contraptions to make this technological world alive!

    And tag in the description with #Spaceship contest so we can find your creations

    You can also see an example here:

    Just follow these simple instructions:

    1) If you don't have the game already, you can download it for FREE here:

    2) Create an awesome world and show us a cool Spaceship.
    You can use any of the 200 elements available in the game of course!

    3) Post a video recording (preferred) or a the screenshot directly into this thread (you can use a free image hosting server such as

    Our community will vote for its favorite creations on our Facebook Page and reward our favorite with with one $15 US iTunes Gift Card.

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