Courier Chaos!

Denis Evans
A lovingly re-created, 'authentic' simulation of a day in the life of your average courier! Ever had a parcel arrive, p…
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A lovingly re-created, 'authentic' simulation of a day in the life of your average courier! Ever had a parcel arrive, packaging in bits, contents making a nice tinkling sound as they denote yet another broken purchase? Ever wondered just how that happens almost every time? Well, wonder no more! - Courier Chaos is here to show you exactly what it's like to be an upstanding member of the delivery service sector! Try to launch parcels right to the unfortunate recipient's door, racking up a massive score and hopefully the most delayed delivery time, using a range of lovely goodies (gusts of wind, slaps, incendiaries, bonus multipliers, spins, etc) to ensure maximum chaos as you take it out on birds, garden gnomes, cars, cats, dogs, moles, plants, clocks, etc! - Hey, even the house isn't safe from your parcel-flavoured wanton destruction! In fact, just about anything is fair game in your quest for the highest scoring, most damage-causing, longest distance or time delivery! Send stuff into space with a well-timed slap or spin, for huge bonus points! Any and all parcel stunts/tricks are listed on your parcel tag on the left, and can be multiplied by using multipliers at the right time! - so get scoring! PS - Gusts and slaps are bi-directional! - simply hold down for a split-second and listen for the tone to send backwards! - Great for long-distance attempts... Courier Chaos is *FREE*, and comes with some "Courier Credits" to get you started! - These are used to either play the game, or to swap goodies in your 10 goody slots (to try different strategies, using the 24 possible goodies on offer) - you'll find them hanging on the fence in the GOODIES screen! More Courier Credits can be earned by simply watching a rewarded video (with a possible option if requested, to make a one-time small purchase to remove these if desired, once updated.) I've had a lot of fun over the last 8 months developing this, so I'm hoping you'll have a lot of fun playing! - *SET CHALLENGES* will be appearing in the next update if I get enough interest, a sneak peek of which is included in the screen shots, along with randomly generated levels, so you can try to beat friends' scores on a particular numbered level! Let's get delivering!
Seller:Denis Evans
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jun 01, 2018
Updated:Jun 27, 2018
Size:63.1 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal