Counter Knights

Youna Kho
◈◈ Well-made Realtime counterattack action RPG!! ◈◈ ◈ Multilingual translation in progress. If you would like to help w…
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◈◈ Well-made Realtime counterattack action RPG!! ◈◈ ◈ Multilingual translation in progress. If you would like to help with translation, please refer to the following sheet!◈ ◈ If you write a bug report or update wish list in the review, we will actively fix and reflect it. ◈ ▶ Simple yet in-depth thrilling counterattack! ▶ Counterattack? Guard Break?, Life-stealing? Equip weapons tailored for your play style! ▶ Enriched environments with growth factors and collectibles! ▶ Elaborative storytelling and relics/weapons for its extensive universe! ◈◈ Game Mechanics ◈◈ ▶ Counterattack system - Breath-taking counterattack mechanics! - Analyze an enemy’s pattern to counterattack at its precise moment! - You will be invincible when you counterattack. ▶ Sensational Boss Fight - Unique attack patterns styled for each of the bosses - Analyze their attack patterns with strategies! ▶ Rich environment for growth and collectibles - Knight Growth: Growth system allows Knight to develop to match the player’s style. - Artifacts Storage: You can obtain relics upon clearing stage with 3 stars. Collect them to gain permanent buffs and reveal the world’s secrets. - Weapon Management: There are weapons inside ancient relic boxes! Customize via weapon enhancements and passive skills for your play style! ▶ Fight in your style! : Growth and weapon changes - Players can develop their character with enhancements that strengthens their play style. - Knight will learn passive skills upon certain level-ups after an attribution enhancement. - Each weapon comes with a different enhancement bonus and skills. You can equip desired weapons. Ex) For stable hunting: : Prioritize stamina level up + life-steal weapons Ex) A rampage style : Utilize weapons that converts basic attack and skills into area attacks Ex) To disarm enemies : Equip Empire weapons to fill up the enemy’s knock-down gage twice faster. ▶ Extravagant universe and breath-taking stories! - Explore deep into the story as you defeat enemies! - A story of the Knight fighting to find out the secret of the universe.
Seller:Youna Kho
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Oct 02, 2021
Updated:Oct 15, 2021
Size:460.4 MB
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