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  1. a_sang1012

    a_sang1012 New Member

    Jul 12, 2012

    Race against the sun, stop the corn into popcorn!

    At dust, the old man wind his way out driving his classic old car. He had the car well prepared before set off, including a new automobile exhaust emission pipe and a vacuum cleaner mounting on the front of the car. What is it for all of these? Oh, that is because he had lost his corn crops on his way back home along the road. He is to collect corns along the same route and then bring it back.
    It will be a hard trip though. He has to race running with Queen Sun, who is about to off work from the sky, and at the same time to collect corns as much as possible. Since the most favorite sound for that proud lady is crack when corns were burned into popcorns by her heat radiation.
    A good command skill of cleaner is necessary in absorbing corns. Meanwhile, watch those sunflowers who love Queen Sun so much that they do not even hesitate to crash into the car by themselves, which the car cannot take.
    Try your best to avoid the car colliding into any roadblock. If you are succeeding in doing this, the car will speed up on and on and make a final dash towards the end.
    Please remember the car is your best assistant all along that even the exhaust circle it emits would be proved useful.

    Coming soon:
    More interesting blocking characters;
    Stronger destruction capability of Queen Sun functioned by solar radiation;
    Interested ranking system with different title for the old man;
    More features will be added for the car with tools purchasing plan;

    Key Features:
    ·Drive, leap and dash, a series of rich operation mode.
    ·Across 50 meters without any faulty, win a dash time.
    ·Special free prop as ‘cloud’, slow down the queen’s step, through collection smoke ring obtained.
    ·Sweet rear-view mirror: Keep an eye on the queen sun.
    ·Random roadway.
    ·Funny story and roles.
    ·Realistic physics.
    ·Lovely cartoon style, layered background, hibernating frog and other underground details.
    ·Game Center integration, competition commanding skills and proceeding distance with friends.


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