Cop Escape: Ultimate Car Chase

Fasten your seatbelt and hit the gas pedal to escape the cops in this ultimate car chase. But avoiding the cops is not t…
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Fasten your seatbelt and hit the gas pedal to escape the cops in this ultimate car chase. But avoiding the cops is not the your only challenge, the roads are tricky, make sure you switch to the right tyres at the right time or else you will be busted. Drive 3 airborne cars on a highway which demands the need for speed.
1.Unique gameplay of switching tyres according to the terrain.
2.3 Exciting cars to enjoy the ultimate chase.
3.Simple controls. Tap and hold to accelerate with the right tyre and tilt to steer.
4.4 tricky terrains which appears randomly to give you a thrilling challenge.
Unique cars:
When you have a race against time, you need fast cars. But when you are racing against the cop cars on tricky terrains, you need cars with no limits.
Start with DAYTONA, built to go fast on all type of terrains. Favorite amongst rally drivers.
Unleash THE BEAST, customized SUV with high torque and tough body to take on any challenge and any road. Even with it’s huge size, it’s fast enough to disappear cop cars in dust.
F10 TURBO, red mad speed monster. Fastest of all 3 cars, this ultimate speed demon will push you to your limits. Are you fast enough to handle this freak machine?
Refilling fuel:
Don’t forget to collect fuel while you drive. Collect fuel icon to maximize fuel in your tank. Once fuel is empty you can’t continue your chase. The chase ends if you are out of fuel and the cop cars will surround you.
Cops and different road terrains are not your only obstacles, you are on the run on a highway, steer your way between heavy duty trucks and highway traffic. Tilt your phone to right or left to steer your car.
Different terrains:
Once you start the chase you will be experiencing to ride on different terrains. Each type of terrain demands a different type of tyre. Switch between tyres instantly by tapping and holding on them to maintain your speed. Keep making the right switch to let this ultimate chase thrill you.
Genre:Action, Racing
Release:Apr 14, 2016
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