Cool Quest - new adventure by Digi-Chain Games. Win Your Copy!!!

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    Jul 28, 2011

    Hi guys, Tim Timmins: Cool Quest - the new point and click adventure by Digi-Chain Games is in review with Apple now and should be available early next week.

    To celebrate (and help promote the game) we're giving away a handful of iphone promo codes - for your chance of winning all you need to do is like us on Facebook. Winners will be picked at random once the game is released.
    Like the Facebook page here:
    Tim Timmins: Cool Quest Facebook Page

    The Game:
    You're Tim Timmins - the coolest guy in your gang.
    But unfortunately your gang is the uncoolest in school!

    Go from a 'Dweeb' to 'Don' in this fun offbeat point and click adventure.
    Out smart your brother, scare off the local bully and get invited to the coolest party in town; in Tim Timmins: Cool Quest.


    Thanks for looking!

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