Universal Cool Pinao,everyone can create music-(by MEETStudio)

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    The new version of Cool Piano can help you create your own music,though you were not a professional composer.

    We made this function because lots of our users are enjonying free play.Now when you play piano with your phone freely,Cool Piano will record the music and generate staff.

    iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/cool...551518932?mt=8

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    Besides piano,you can play electric guitar,bass,acoustic guitar,drum in Cool Piano as well.
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    Yep i thought the same ! Not the best marketing ! Crazy either way as you'll instantly lose out on so many searches for 'piano' by people. Plus theres no english version of the website so thats not good. Cant believe they dont get stuff spell-checked, if i released an app in China and it was full of errors it would be crazy

    iOS now says Piano, the Android version still says Pinao !

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