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    And now it's Cool Levitation instead of falling blocks!

    Levitating block of tiles floats infinitely until you chose a place for it to install. And it has to get there from the top edge of the gameboard through all the obstacles. And there are new tiles coming from the bottom, slowly lifting up a heap of tiles.

    You will always have time to make a good move, and random errors will simply disappear! This game even has a magic button to undo the last move (top right)!

    Your cherished goal is to get to Level 50 (number on the left) and proceed further. To achieve this you have to destroy full tile lines as fast as possible, so that they do not come up high. Also, you should try to open a wide path to the free space at the bottom, and for this interesting activities you need a really strategic thinking!

    You can play in Real-Time or in completely Turn-Based mode!

    The number at the top shows the score of the game. Main Menu button (top left) can be pressed several times. You can press the menu buttons in the center and/or at the edges (where they have brackets).

    Difficulty can be adjusted from 1 to the maximum Level achieved in previous games.

    Sometimes a new block of tiles can be put on several different vertical positions.

    To select the desired location, press the "up" and "down" buttons.

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