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    Oct 10, 2008
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    I figured this might be a fun thread. Share some of the interesting bugs, glitches, or oddities you came across whilst working on your iPhone game. Screen shots, video, text, whatever you have.

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    I kept video of some of my more interesting bugs in Smiles. Some more silly than others.

    The first I want to show is a bug in one of the effects for the game mode Zen. It was supposed to be a "toss a rock in to a pond" water ripple. It didn't really work as expected.

    Here's what it was supposed to look like. The problem with this though was the effect would make you queasy. :)

    In the end I had to tone this down. It's still in the game, but very subtle now. Not a good idea to make your customers get sick. :p

    The next bug is a little more minor. I was building my menu screens, and gave some elements the same ID as one of my buttons.

    The last one is just me being silly. Working on the achievement unlocked effect, I decided the achievements should have a conversation with themselves.

    And that's my list of interesting things that happened during Smiles' development.

    Anyone else find anything amusing while making your game?
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    I kind of like the 3rd one. That would be fun to have. Nobody would ever notice really.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    lol at nice sweater

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