Universal Cookie Clicker & AdventureQuest Creators Launch DRAGONS on iOS and Android

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    Artix Entertainment, the indie game studio that develops AdventureQuest Worlds, and Dashnet, the indie game duo that develops Cookie Clicker, is excited to announce that they worked together on, and just released, a new mobile idle game entitled AdventureQuest DRAGONS! The game just went live on Google Play and the App Store. Links to the app stores and previews of the game’s dragons can be found at www.AQDragons.com.


    “THESE!? These are not just bandages on my fingers…” says Adam Bohn, CEO of Artix Entertainment as he lifts his bruised, Band-Aid covered fingers, “…they are a sign of my unconquerable love for tapping on idle games. Ooh, my lava dragon is ready to hatch.”

    AdventureQuest DRAGONS is a beautifully painted and animated idle game, featuring twelve unique dragons, each with their own story. You start the game with a treasure-seeking and princess-obsessed Green Dragon, and then make your way through the Fire, Steampunk, Undead, Slime, Faerie, Frost, Darkness, Energy, Gold, Evil Lava, and 3-Headed Dragons.


    True to the way of the idle game, you make initial progress in AdventureQuest DRAGONS by tapping! Tap the egg to hatch your first dragon. Then tap the gem to earn gems. Spend the gems on upgrades that will enable your dragon to tap automatically for you. The more upgrades you unlock, the more gems your dragon will earn per second. You can buy upgrades that will allow the dragon to continue earning gems even when the app is closed, so essentially you can still be playing the game even when you are not in the bathroom. But in order to train your dragons and unlock additional breeds with the required Dragon Keys, you will need a lot of gems. And we mean A LOT—we’re talking in the trillions for each dragon. Hopefully you’ve got a lot of free time to kill…

    With special upgrades, unlockable stories, and multiple breeds to switch between, DRAGONS is a bit deeper than the standard Cookie Clicker knock off app -- which there are no shortage of on the app store. It is a little known fact that there is no officially made Cookie Clicker app available on Apple or Android devices. All of the mobile Cookie Clicker apps are clones.

    “Did you know the dragon's closest relative is the platypus?!” whispers Orteil, creator of Cookie Clicker. “It's true. Don't wait; adopt a fire-breathing platypus today!”

    It should be noted that there is no fire-breathing platypus available in DRAGONS... yet. But Orteil and Artix are currently working on a special Cookie Dragon that will be released in upcoming updates with leaderboards and some other “weird and random” features.

    “The exponential spiral from the mundane into complete madness is what made the original Cookie Clicker so fascinating,” says Bohn/Artix enthusiastically. “That is why I am so excited to see everyone’s reactions to the different Dragons’ stories. It turns out there are a lot of ways to destroy and un-destroy a multiverse.”


    DRAGONS is a free to play game that offers in-app purchases. There are only 3 in-app purchases to choose from, awarding you with a janitorial-sized collection of Dragon Keys in addition to permanently removing ads from the game. Furthermore, the limited-time “Founder Package” provides 220 Dragon Keys (enough to raise all twelve dragons) and unlocks exclusive items for use in the hit web-based MMO AdventureQuest Worlds.

    Fulfill your OCD fix today… get clicking, Dragon Master! www.AQdragons.com!

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    Cookie Clicker by Dashnet
    Cookie Clicker is the original JavaScript cookie-clicking browser game programmed by French programmer Julien Thiennot, who is better known as “Orteil.” Originally released in 2013, Cookie Clicker was a unique and unexpected international hit. Credited as single-handedly bringing “idle games” to the main steam, Cookie Clicker was the #1 searched for game on Google in 2013.
    Cookie Clicker: http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/
    Orteil’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Orteil42

    Artix Entertainment
    Artix & his team of 47 developers create continuously updated, tongue-in-cheek RPG & MMO titles including AdventureQuest Worlds, OverSoul, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel, and the puzzle-based mobile game, Battle Gems. Their first and oldest game, AdventureQuest, has been updated every week with new content for the past 12 years and with over 190 million accounts created for their combined games.

    AdventureQuest DRAGONS at www.AQDragons.com
    AdventureQuest Worlds at www.AQ.com
    Battle Gems at http://BattleGems.Artix.com
    OverSoul at http://oversoul.Artix.com
    EpicDuel at www.EpicDuel.com
    DragonFable at www.DragonFable.com
    MechQuest at www.MechQuest.com
    AdventureQuest at www.Battleon.com
    HeroMart (Artix’s online merch shop) www.HeroMart.com
    Artix Entertainment games at www.Artix.com
    Follow Artix on Facebook & Twitter
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/artixkrieger/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtixKrieger

    Media Contacts

    Daniel Vasile, Artix Entertainment, at dan@battleon.com
    Lauren "Beleen" Blanset, Artix Entertainment, at beleen@battleon.com

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