Icetris - Mix of Free Match 3 Game & Classic Arcade Falling Blocks

*** Icetris has been featured in Screenshot Weekly on the Indie Game Magazine webpage. IGM has exclusively published scr…
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*** Icetris has been featured in Screenshot Weekly on the Indie Game Magazine webpage. IGM has exclusively published screenshots from Valentine's Day level *** *** iOSAppLists: "If you're a fan of classic games like Tetris, then Icetris is for you. This fast-paced iPhone game requires a keen eye and quick reflexes to make sure falling objects are dropped into the correct container. Retro graphics and unique gameplay will have users coming back for more.". Rating: 4 of 5. *** Icetris is a fast-paced, highly addictive retro-inspired arcade game featuring the very best of gameplay mechanics from classics such as Tetris and match-3 style games. FEATURES: * 7 levels for players to unlock * Retro-inspired graphics * Cumulative total score * An awesome retro soundtrack with a catchy tune * Train your reflexes and total concentration * Infinite gameplay HOW TO PLAY The goal of Icetris is to tap containers at the bottom of the screen in order to change them so they match objects that are about to fall into them. Ice blocks always fall into buckets, but other objects and containers vary based on the level you’re playing. For example, the bathtub level in Icetris requires you to make sure all soap bars fall into a container that resembles a tub. There are three containers at the bottom of the screen, and making sure they correspond with the falling objects is very tricky. New players are greeted with a quick visual tutorial to show them what they need to do in order to play Icetris correctly. With its simple rules, intuitive controls and great retro-inspired graphics, IceTris is the perfect game for a quick match on the go. Get ready for some fast-paced fun and play, break records, and challenge your friends in the games puzzle-war mode. ABOUT TENKAI Tenkai is a small indie game dev studio from Poland. This is our first game. Be generous and give us positive feedback :)
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Nov 25, 2014
Updated:Feb 13, 2015
Size:191.6 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal