Contest! - Make it in the Credits of our Game (Coming Soon)

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  1. Want to make it in the credits of our game? Well here's your chance... We're calling it "THE "If Only Storks Could Tweet" CONTEST.

    Here is how it works...
    • Come up with the message that should be tweeted whenever people decide to share the game with their Twitter friends from within the Due Date game.
    • Keep in mind that Twitter messages only allow 140 characters. And remember that spaces count as do any hashtags.
    • Also, the tweet needs to include this short URL: ( So that leaves you with 120 characters to unleash your creative genius!
    • Post your ideas in this thread or on our thread on Facebook
    • Feel free to take a look at our site for more information and screenshots of gameplay:

    Whoever's tweet we choose to use wins and gets to have their name in the credits section of the Due Date app!

    Winner will be selected on Monday, August 17th.

    Any questions, let me know! Looking forward to what everyone comes up with! :)
  2. qdawg15

    qdawg15 Member

    Aug 10, 2012
    You mean Monday, August 27th right?
  3. Oops! I did mean the Monday, August 27th. Thanks for pointing that out!

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