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    Sep 22, 2015
    Hey all!

    I've been writing music for many moons, and more recently I started taking it seriously. Writing music for video games has been a dream of mine nearly my entire life. Of course, it's a difficult and competitive field to get into, so I would like to offer my services as a composer for your game.

    While I was brought up and trained as a classical musician, I write in all sorts of genres. I've written a few jazz combo pieces, a few orchestral works, small chamber works, and more recently, electronic music. To get a feel for my style, here's my soundcloud. There's some things on there that aren't exactly meant to be taken seriously, but it does feature both classical and electronic music. For example, "Dis" is a composition I wrote and performed for solo piano, while "Give it Time" is a little more pop-sounding. I tend to like big expansive atmospheric sounds, as in hermit. I also released my debut album, available on bandcamp. I'd be happy to show you some of my other orchestral music, it's not currently available online, but if you pm me I can send you some recordings.

    My experience in writing for games is rather limited, but I have participated in a few Game Jams, where I wrote the music for all the teams that participated (about five or six on average), so I do have a feel for the process.

    This is turning into a long post, but again I'm very eager to write music for any game.

    TL;DR I've been writing for quite some time and would love to volunteer my services to write for your game. Links to my music above.

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