Complex control mapping for the new ATV remote

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by mrmajestic, Nov 22, 2015.

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    May 12, 2012
    Non-dev here. This is an idea I'd like some feedback on from anyone who's developed for the ATV remote.

    So, the big creative constraint is that all games must be playable with just the remote, and that makes it seemingly impossible to convert games like FPS, GTA-style games, twin-stick shooters etc.

    However, using both the touchpad and the motion sensor inputs there seems to be a solution if holding the remote horizontally like a gamepad:

    - Drags/swipes on the touchpad for left stick input ("aim" in FPS)
    - Taps and a click on the touchpad for 4+1 buttons (up/down/left/right tap like a d-pad)
    - Tilt the remote forwards/backwards as well as left/right to emulate right stick input ("strafe" in FPS). This would need lots of calibration in sensitivity and "neutral zone" so the player doesn't find it hard to NOT strafe.
    - one physical button, that makes 6 button inputs.

    I'd love to try Geometry Wars with this control scheme, and in theory it should work to bring Implosion, GTA games and more to the ATV platform too.

    Anyone up for trying to code and implement this in their games?

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