Commander Cool 2 - A tribute to the good old 2D arcade platformers

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    Mar 1, 2012

    My name is Florian and I'm a developer of an indie game studio in germany. We are about to release our second indie game Commander Cool 2.

    If you would like to follow our development process on our Website, Facebook or Twitter you can do so here:



    About the game
    Commander Cool 2 is a tribute to the good old 2D arcade platformers with challenging jump ‘n run sections, precise controls and an action-packed multiplayer. Use your timemachine and fight your way through 90+ levels in 3 time ages. Use a totally crazy arsenal of weapons to best your enemies. Maybe you will fry your enemies with the rainbow-spitting unicorn? Or will you light a fire under them with your volcano weapon? To ensure life’s not too easy on you, every level has 3 missions and a hidden diamond for you to achieve.


    • no ads, no in app purchases, no pay to win, just a super awesome game!
    • 9 crazy weapons
    • 10 funny player costume
    • Over 30 different enemies and traps
    • Over 90 challenging levels
    • 3 different time ages (stoneage, pirates, future)
    • Hand-drawn characters
    • Super easy and precise controls supporting touch and controllers

    • Release: Spring 2015
    • Price: 2.99$




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