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    Hey everyone. This is Vanessa from Leisurerules Inc. We have a new game coming out December 3rd called Seconds To Live.

    This is Snake meets Tron. Fredley the chicken is being chased by a car. Help Fredley survive until the car runs out of gas. Don't let Fredley cross the road or be hit by the car. Navigate around obstacles, activate good power ups and avoid bad power ups.

    And, don't just play for bragging rights, play for real money. It's simple. Complete the game on any difficulty and enter one of our on-going competitions. Have the best score when the competition ends and you'll win the prize.


    - easy to learn fun gameplay
    - play to win real money
    - 10 power ups
    - 150 levels
    - 3 difficulty modes
    - Record and share your gameplay with your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

    Check out our trailer


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