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  1. Hi toucharcade people,

    My small team and I would like to introduce you our beloved game. We are working on it for 2+ years now, and we are releasing soon. Our game is Loop - The distress call

    What is Loop about?

    You receive a distress call from Ensign Althea Young. Her ship is malfunctioning and locked on a collision course with a brown dwarf while the rest of the crew is compromised by a mysterious sickness. As the Investigator, you must unveil the mystery behind this situation and help her save the ship before it’s too late.

    What is unique about Loop?

    * 1000+ different paths and 20+ unique endings

    * Your bond with Althea matters: every response has a crucial impact on the different possible paths & endings.

    * Every exploration choice matters: some choices, which can seem insignificant at the time, may have a huge impact later.

    * We banned simplistic bad/good responses and decisions. You must take Althea’s state of mind, your findings, and the global situation into account.

    * Althea sends you messages in real-time on your device when you’re away. You can answer her directly… or not.

    Release date

    Full pitch, video gameplay, and screenshots

    Twitter page

    Instagram page

    We are excited to finally release it! :) Please follow us if you find our game interesting and if you want to follow the news :)


  2. Hello!

    A little update about the project, here is an artwork of the spaceship. What do you think?[​IMG]
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  3. Ringerill

    Ringerill Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2012
    Sounds really cool! I am seeing a few narrative-based games in preparation and it really pleases me. The gameplay looks like the Lifeline series but more focused on choices and branching stories and that's quite refreshing to see :)
    What I wonder however is: do the endings branch out at the end or do you see the story drifting little by little? Both are fine, if the player is aware of it. It can happen that all your decisions are building up and you see the result unravel only at the end. Or you can see how the scenario shift here and there and you try to find out what the tipping points could be.
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  4. Thank you very much @Ringerill :)

    Hm basically you don't see the result only at the end, but little by little. Even both actually. As the responses to Althea AND exploration decisions matter, there are many results to observe.
    Usually, you see the result little by little, and the end is a final consequence of your progression.

    For example, if you're being bad since the beginning (not wise decisions and worst responses), you can see that Althea is p*ssed and is not cooperative anymore. So you miss many exploration opportunities, she's just like "I won't listen to you for now". But you don't really what you're missing.

    If you're doing good you will discover way more things and you'll see the results at some key moments. But as you can for example doing good with Althea at the beginning but being not wise after (and vice-versa), the game can still change a lot during the game.

    So it's not simple to see the tipping points. Actually we are wondering if we should add some checkpoints or chapters to enable players to change their decisions at some points instead of resetting progression.

    I hope it's clear :)
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  5. Ringerill

    Ringerill Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2012
    Yup, it's clear. At least clear enough to have some ideas without spoiling too much.

    It's very nice to have the unraveling little by little and the see how it shifts. It's much more rewarding to have the results of your choices quickly and not wonder (and most of the times forget) what effect it had. Still, there seem to be some consequences of even small choices so it's fun too.
    If there are some kind of achievements, the replay value might be even better!

    And about checkpoints, why not having just a single save? Let the player decide when the checkpoints are needed :)
  6. meapps

    meapps Member

    Jan 17, 2020
    I love this type of game. When?
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  7. Gwarmaxx

    Gwarmaxx Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2010
    NCC 1701
    seems the Captain Harlock's Arcadia!
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  8. @Ringerill
    We didn't put achievements :(
    Yes, having several saves is a good idea indeed, thanks for the insight :)

    @meapps , thank you! Well, we plan to launch it on February 13. You can follow our Twitter page if you want to have the latest updates. We also have a Discord channel (it's not "active" yet but tell me if you are interested). I can also poke you here when Loop will be out if you wish.

    @Gwarmaxx Ahah yes indeed! It's one of our artist inspirations
  9. Hi! I just wanted to share the evolution of our main menu screen through some key artworks. There is much more but I won't put all of them here ahah[​IMG]
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  10. Hello!

    A little update! Here is a little glimpse of Loop's diagram showing every possibility of a specific scene ^^' We really hope that players will notice how your choices shape the story in many degrees :)[​IMG]
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