Universal Colossatron: Massive World Threat - (by Halfbrick Studios)

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  1. Wow, now this stuff is spilling over into the Shadow Sun thread.

    Everyone, be happy!
  2. walmartpolice

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    May 12, 2012
    Hopefully I'll get some videos soon but for now, a screen shot.
    I guess I'll just gush over how awesome this is, with pretty screenshots and let people judge on their own.
    Have fun worrying about your 'wasted' 99 cents.

    It's getting pretty intense. I've learned some nuances about enemy targetting.
    They tend to go for the very first core in your line. Granted, their aim will cause them to hit your other cores sometimes but they are mostly going for the first core. I managed to get three stage three purple cores set up in this screen shot.

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  3. Birth1118

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    May 31, 2013
    MA, US
    Guess I'm not the only one who purchased colossaron, walking dead, shadow sun and some other crazy shits in the same day
  4. andsoitgoes

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    You couldn't just not be a jerk for one second, huh?
  5. Bronxsta

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    Okay, if we're going to bet on the game going freemium, let's at least do it logically and using facts

    According to Appshopper, Halfbrick's games:

    Colossatron - 0.99
    Fruit Ninja - 0.99
    Fruit Ninja HD - 2.99
    Monster Dash - 0.99
    FN: Puss in Boots - 0.99
    FN: Puss in Boots HD - 2.99
    Fish Out Of Water - 0.99
    Age of Zombies - 0.99

    Jetpack Joyride - Free
    Band Stars - Free

    Okay NOW let's discuss the likelihood of Colossatron going freemium
    (Making a point here)
    Edit: didn't include the free versions of FN, etc. because those are seperate apps and not a change to the paid games
  6. Playing Shadow Sun and reading this thread have kept me busy tonight. But yeah, tomorrow got alot of other games in the loop like you.
  7. andsoitgoes

    andsoitgoes Well-Known Member

    Bronxta, they're that price now but besides fish, all have gone free at LEAST once.
  8. Bronxsta

    Bronxsta Well-Known Member

    But those instances were temporary sales, not the other practice of going permanently free like some developers do. I assume you were implying the latter, rather than a sale for free?
  9. What's your point?
  10. walmartpolice

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    May 12, 2012
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    I'm about to tackle world six.
    Got a little tough again near the end but not enough to warrant a death. My purple cores have 50 percent more armor and I took the gadget that gave all of them 15 more armor.

    EDIT 2: repair drones are absolutely game breaking.
    Amd I don't think you can see it but at the end, my worm has three stage three yellow cores. :(
    My hope for a super massive stage four core was dashed.

    All in all, I'm having a blast.

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  11. philodygmn

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    Sep 29, 2012
    Having an absolute blast and enjoying this action-puzzle game's campy theme and kitschy, renegade sensibility. Top-tier production values for a casual title, a bushel of special abilities right in this 1.0, and the very mildest of IAP—this from someone who has finished all but 1 achievement in JJ with _zero_ money, who is a "thrifty"*cough*stingey*cough* gamer who _loathes_ IAP but doesn't mind perfectly reasonable unlocks' also being made available for the money these titles can't exist without. I first died the 2nd level of the 2nd continent, and already had almost enough cash for a bout of upgrades, and about half enough for a permanent unlock (I paid attention to building advanced units), and stopped after the 2nd world so I could post here what fun I'm having. Do I wish it was premium with no ongoing costs as in repairs? Yes. Do they make it a bad game, or HB bad people? Please. Lighten up a little, spend half a soda, and enjoy a well-made romp!
  12. Bronxsta

    Bronxsta Well-Known Member

    I could be mistaken, but I assumed that andsoitgoes was saying that the game would probably go freemium soon, as other games have done (I.e Space Chicks). But looking at Halfbrick's library, they seem to be more likely to keep their games paid or just release a free version of the game alongside the paid version rather than changing the primary game to freemium
  13. o0oJAKEo0o

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    If you have the time, which I can see that you do. Would you mind going back through my posts and sharing one that you thought I had an exasperated attitude for people who were upset? The only one I could find that could have even come close to your aqusation was my very first post in which. I say I can't believe some of the responses in here... I later, in the same post, say that I know everyone has their own taste in games and thank them for taking the time to share... Is this the one you find unsettling?
    The only person in here that seems to have an awful attitude is you.

    So, let me get this straight, YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT THIS GAME YET? AND YOU'RE NOT GOING TO? So why are you still here? I think people who are looking for honest opinions about a game before they buy it should be able to come here and read what they need in order to make an educated choice. But, by having to read through how ever many nonsense posts you have commited to this thread they probably saw enough to turn them away and go to a different source for their information. Again, YOU HAVE NOT EVEN PLAYED THE GAME YET? What more could you possibly add then?
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    May 24, 2010
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    Good post.
  15. This is funny, the stuff in here is in the Shadow Sun thread, so bitter here, so peaceful over there, yet the same conversation. Very strange.
  16. andsoitgoes

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    My intent was to reply here and apologize, as I was wrong. I was unfair to lump you in with WP's attitude, you initially weren't being immature or rude... But then you decided to stalk me into the other thread, because..?

    This was one of the games I was most excited about , I posed I was bummed and made the mistake of engaging WP on his rude and immature posting, and MC I'm kind of disappointed that you don't even remotely see a problem with it.

    But I'm also not going to sit back and let WP be rude and disrespectful to people in the thread. The fact that you see no problem with those responses makes no sense.

    I'm done posting here. I still believe this is going to be a heavily marketed title by HB and will very likely run similarly to JJ if it gets popular. And I'm sure there are tons that like it, and will continue to do so. Enjoy.

    Oh, and you ask why I haven't bought the game, it's because I know I can't physically play it. I hoped HB would be inventive and design it to be controlled similarly to all of their other games, besides the fruit ninja games of course.

  17. andrew9oh7

    andrew9oh7 Member

    May 29, 2013
    I'm in the last stage.have so much money I don't know what to do with it,IAP isn't needed at all.only if you wanna max your colossatron right away.
  18. philodygmn

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    Sep 29, 2012
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    Just came up for air again after beating the 2nd-to-last world and realized it's been 4 hours and I'm halfway to sunrise! A game hasn't made time fly by for me like this in ages. With no IAPs (meaning real money) I unlocked purple's Rail Gun and green's Laser Cutter, both with Lv.2 armor for each, because of their passing through enemies, and rather than Focus Fire I chose Snake Strike because Focus can only redirect what you already have, whereas Strike adds offense (_massive_ offense, it does a ton of damage, looks ultra-cool, and delivers an impressive sonic payoff!), plus maybe it's best not to only target one thing even when it's the smartest that it can be to do, since usually that's when you're barraged by a billion other things, too, like with bosses and such, and then I chose Regenerate again because of Flame Breath's limited scope, and I couldn't give it up for only a little more offense with Shock Roar when Strike already was such a clear call, then because Supercharger seemed like its extra speed might actually make adding cores precisely _harder_, I went with Reflective Scales to squeeze more time out of my offensive upgrades, same with Heavy Plating instead of the very tempting but ultimately less advantageous High Caliber and Recoil System given my previous and more targeted offensive choices, then fearing Color Cycle could lead to frustrating mistakes I went with Power Swap but keep forgetting to use it :O) and lastly (so far!) Final Blast because end zone battles being where the most cores are lost, I may as well push their damage to the max on their way out, extra punishment for the enemy's success >:) and because I can already use earn-able Prisms to upgrade armor instead of Mini Shields, and use power-ups instead of Deploy Power Up. All that and I still had just enough to revive myself once to finish the 6th continent...*sigh of contentment* Still one last set of Gadgets when I finish the "plot" part of the game! :) I can't wait to unleash more upgrades upon an unsuspecting planet ;-)

    Reading early in this thread almost convinced me to refuse to part with my dollar expecting it to go free soon enough, but given I know full well I plan never to use IAP, and getting to play now, $1 is practically a crime to deny myself such a fun experience, and I hope those of you genuinely interested in a heckuva fun time not get caught up in the Making a Statement on this one, because as _I_ see it, the true reasons IAP is evil aren't here, as HB has proven with their other games, in the main (a major reason their games remain so popular, I'm sure—no matter what Candy Crush's top-grossing this year says! >:p ). I strongly encourage you to buy and _enjoy_ this fantastic little game.

    I would appreciate the ability to pause and rearrange, if Hot Swap is equipped, because it becomes such a long chain it can't show on-screen all at once while moving to a new area, or its path coils other parts of it in your way when you need to make specific upgrades based on where a new core's coming in from on-screen... Thankfully there's enough margin for error I've yet to actually feel any frustration because of it, but something to consider adding, IMO. You might even make it part of the game generally instead of only Hot Swap and change that Gadget to something else...? At least think about zooming out to show it all when it's on the move, because that's when there's fewest enemies and therefore the best time for management issues like swapping around.

    If I was on iPad, I would like to experiment with a schematic strip at the bottom to command all the slots at once, all the time, but could also see how it could detract from the experience, especially given it's still a fairly marginal issue given how well gameplay functions on balance with difficulty and earnings.

    All in all, a _great_ job, Halfbrick, in my book! _Tons_ of fun! I was laughing my way through...the end-zone sound and visual effects are so over-the-top, they crack me up every time!
  19. toshiX

    toshiX Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2012
    Anyone encountered any problems with the number of prisms they have? The number of prisms I have kept dropping and I have no idea why. For example I remember seeing I have accumulated 12 prisms after completing a stage. But when I get back to the game a while later the number can drop to 5. This has happened 3-4 times already :(
  20. JCho133

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    Jul 27, 2012
    I think I'm gonna gnome escape this one

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