ColorSpasm 2 - Color Memory Match by Malachite Studios

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  1. Do you have what it takes to master ColorSpasm 2?

    * New Game Modes
    * More Achievements
    * New Music

    The ColorSpasm you know and love has just got a whole lot better.


    Each round begins with a single color, you will have three seconds to memorize it. Next is the spasm, a barrage of colors will appear on screen, on the final change one of the squares will be the original color. If correct the next round begins, if wrong you lose the game. Track Stats, Compete on the leaderboards, Play 2 player with a friend, ColorSpasm 2 has it all.

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  2. NiceAndFunDay

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    May 11, 2015
    So well design game! I'll try it. Good luck with your game!

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