Colorous-A Color Odyssey

More than 50.000 people played and fought with the Chromies! Join them! Showcased App!-
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More than 50.000 people played and fought with the Chromies! Join them! Showcased App!-

"Once upon a time, in a faraway land, Chromies were living happy and free. Just a guy wasn't so happy, his name was Gummyhead. He didn't like what Chromies eat, so he thought of an evil plan to turn those cute little creatures into a yummy dinner. "

And this is how the Chromies story begins...

So, are you ready to fight against evil creatures?
Are you ready to save the day?
Are you ready to set those tiny little creatures free?
But above all, are you ready for hours and hours of fun and exciting gameplay?

Colorous: A Color Odyssey is an original match-3 puzzle game where you should pair Chromies of different color to unleash devastating combos and gain thousands of points.
Race against time in Classic Mode and watch the fantastic tale of Chromies unravel in Story Mode, fighting evil bosses to restore freedom in the magical land of Chromies.
You can also challenge your Facebook friends! Beat their score and reach the #1 position between your friends, but also on the World leaderboard!
You can also play Colorous on Facebook (

Colorous: A Color Odyssey features:
- Two different game modes: Classic Mode and Story Mode
- Fast, fun and exciting gameplay
- A step-by-step tutorial to let you grasp every single bit of the game

Classic Mode features:
- 20 different levels
- Race against time to reach the top score!

Story Mode features:
- 8 magic worlds
- 50 different levels
- 10 powerful bosses For all social Chromies:

Challenge your Facebook friends and share your score on Facebook and Twitter to reach the #1 in the World leaderboard!
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