Colorful Mushroom 3D Animation Pack for your Unity3d game

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    Feb 25, 2016

    Mushrooms – is one of the most popular items in fantasy games.
    They can have different functions in the game:
    - just a part of environment;
    - an ingredient of some potion or evil witch poison;
    - the main animated element of the particular scene.
    Our mushrooms look like they are from some magical forest or cave. Fungi are very colorful and scale well.
    In this package you have 4 types of unique mushrooms in different colors, sizes and with different animations. Namely: amanitas, cave mushrooms, chanterelles, porcinis. It’s more than enough for creation of necessary landscape. You don’t need to think how to paint and design them.
    Types of mushrooms:
    - One amanita, fly-agaric;
    - Group of amanitas;
    - Green cave mushroom, slightly transparent and luminescent;
    - Group of luminescent transparent cave mushrooms;
    - Purple cave mushroom, not transparent but with luminescent effect;
    - Group of purple cave mushrooms, not transparent but with luminescent effect;
    - Green amanita and group of green amanitas;
    - One chanterelle;
    - Group of chanterelles;
    - One porcini with rounded bottom;
    - Purple fungi with pointed hat.
    Furthermore, there are 4 types of animation.
    - Move;
    - Attack;
    - Moves like jelly;
    - Death, the hat breaks away and breaks down into small pieces.
    Mushroom 3D Animation Pack is the best way to save your time. So let’s consider main features and advantages of our pack.
    1. These fungi are simple to use. You just need to drag the prefab in the scene and start to play. They will work.
    2. In scripts you can place generation code of new bonuses.
    3. Number of jelly animations is easily changes individually for every fungi.
    4. Mushrooms animation uses Mecanim, so you can make new animation for each type of mushroom. You can also accelerate or decrease the playback speed of particular clip.
    5. Two colliders are used in the fungi: first collider checks whether a player in the area of the mushroom, the second simply will not let us go through it. We can easily change their size as we need to.
    6. Separately we would like to consider the porcini. It is ideal to lift some magical equipment, as well as raising the bonus. In the game with its help it can be convenient to stretch player’s game time on the same location. Also with their help it can be very simple to achieve game balance in the gameplay.
    7. There is a single porcini that just moves. So, it has its own script. If you want to make another one mushroom with this animation, you can delete its script and add porcini’s scrip. In this way you will get one move bonus mushroom.
    You also save your money because as we mentioned before there are 4 types of animated fungi. Each of them is good for particular landscapes and locations. In one pack you have good choice.

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