Colords [FREE GAME] Finally on Android !!

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    Hi friends.

    Finally the porting of the addictive game Colords for Android is done, the game is available for download from the GooglePlay store.

    The game is TOTALLY FREE !!

    Colords offers:

    * Addicting gameplay. Play once and once and make different strategies to get more points.
    * Infinite fun. You can not stop to play to try to improve your score.
    * Colorful and friendly graphics for everyone.
    * Combos that boost your score.
    * Special items to improve your game.
    * World-wide Leaderboard - Try to be the first one in the global ranking.
    * Achievements - Try to unlock all the achievements of the game. Can you be the best warrior?


    Please download and rate it !.


    Best regards!.

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