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    Color Match Jump is a fun action puzzle tapping game where you have to touch either side of the screen so that the color of the circle matches the snowman below. This is an endless color simulation arcade game in which you have to prove your cleverness and sharpness on a knock-out basis. The game is great fun for you, your kids, and the entire family. Kids will especially love this color match puzzle challenge and may even outscore the older gamers.

    Whether you are a novice or experienced, casual or serious gamer, the Color Match Jump tapping game will test your tapping skill and reflexes while giving you pure gaming satisfaction. Though the gameplay is pretty simple, most people cannot score high. The game plays on pleasingly shiny graphics with beautiful sound effects and snowmen that change colors at each jump. The game idea is to tap the screen once to keep the multi-colored circle bouncing, touch right to turn the circle right, turn left to turn the circle left, and try to match the color of the circle to that of the snowman hat. In playing this brain-teasing arcade game, you need to sensibly follow the color pattern of the circle and snowman on each obstacle, before the circle strikes a different color and the game is over.

    Color Match Jump is a very interesting, infinite puzzle recreational fun tap-tap game with a colorful circle and different obstacles made of the snowman. The circle is comprised of four colors; orange, green, pink, and blue. When you tap the play button, the circle continues to bounce forward for as long as you maintain the right color pattern between the snowman and the circle. As the circle moves onwards, the snowman appears randomly at each step in any of constitute colors of the circle. The game will give one chance to pass through as many snowman obstacles as you can by maintaining the right color combination. The challenge of this Color Match Jump tapping game is that the color of the snowman hat changes almost after every jump and when the circle is in the air, you have to switch its color in such a way to match that of the snowman on striking. Hitting a different color pattern means the game is over and you will have to start again.

    As you carry on to hit the circle on the snowmen, not only your score will increase but the difficulty level also. Based on score and time, the snowmen will move speedily, and you will be required to catch-up that speed and drop the circle quickly on the same color. You need to pay sheer attention to play this game, score big, make records, and even compete with other players. The game has leader board feature which shows names and current scores of top players to whom you can beat for the top spot. Leader board features will also enable you to share your score with friends and family via social sites.

    The game play and objective of this addictive Color Match Jump puzzle arcade game is simple and straightforward but hard to master. It is the best game to play with beautiful snowmen and a world of changing colors while pushing the limits of your concentration, responsiveness, and patience. So, whether you’re looking for a Christmas snowman game or simply a snowman game with colors and thrill, the Color Match Jump game is for you.

    Have fun of this smooth fun action puzzle tapping Color Match Jump game & see how far you can jump.

    Color Match Jump Key Features:

    ● Endless fun action arcade puzzle tapping snowman game.
    ● Colored circle and snowmen.
    ● Beautiful graphics and animations.
    ● Easy to play at initial but challenging as the score increase.
    ● Compete with other players, share your score with friends through Leader board.
    ● Color Match Jump puzzle tap tap snowman game is available for all ages.

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